This is the story of two fathers and the son they, in a sense, raised together.

One is Roy Keenan's biological father, George Keenan. The other is his adoptive father, Monsignor Craig Harrison.

One was a sadist. The other was a savior. One inflicted pain. The other relieved it.

But only one of those fathers stands accused today of sex abuse, and it is not the man of violence.

It is the man of peace.

And Roy Keenan wants us all to understand that the allegations against the man who saved his life are, he says, a tragic, impossible error.

Harrison, the popular, outgoing and highly visible priest at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in central Bakersfield, was suspended last month by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno pending the outcome of an investigation into accusations he sexually abused a boy, now a grown man, while a priest in the Fresno County town of Firebaugh. Another accuser has since contacted the diocese, also alleging abuse. None have been publicly identified by the diocese, law enforcement or, per policy regarding alleged sex abuse victims, The Californian.

At the direction of the diocese, Harrison cleared his calendar of all his priestly duties — the weddings, baptisms and other events at which he had long planned to preside. He cried with each cancellation. Now he waits.

Roy Keenan was an 11-year-old foster kid when, as a young seventh-grader at Chipman Junior High School, he first met Craig Harrison, a recent graduate of UCLA working two jobs to pay off his student debt: one as a waiter at the Tam O'Shanter, the other as a math teacher at Chipman. He had already set his sights on eventually entering seminary to become a Catholic priest.

Harrison, working through the Big Brothers mentoring program, was paired up with Keenan. He could not have accepted a greater challenge.

Keenan's family lived in Oildale, at Beardsley and McCord, the epicenter of that community's most dire poverty. George Keenan regularly terrorized the family — Roy, his four siblings and their mother.

Ethel Issac Keenan, who'd become a bride at 15, was a prisoner of her own mental illness: She couldn't read, didn't drive and wasn't sufficiently capable of defending her children.

When Roy Keenan was 5, George kicked him so hard he was hospitalized with internal injuries that required hernia surgery.

But Child Protective Services was not alerted to Roy's situation until George Keenan ripped a clump of hair from the boy's head and teachers spotted his injury the next day at school. Roy was 6. CPS moved him into an emergency shelter, where he stayed four months.

But Roy wasn't George's only target. The father killed the children's new kitten by stuffing it into a freezer; he killed Roy's sister's poodle by rolling up a car window on its neck. 

"There are just evil people in this world," Keenan says now, "and he was definitely one of them."

The children eventually all became wards of the court. Ethel Keenan was declared an unfit mother because of her mental illness and Roy went into foster care, never to go home again. He was 8.

He first went to a boys' ranch in Lancaster and two years later was given the opportunity to move into foster care in Bakersfield. That was his living situation when he met Harrison.

He and the priest-to-be would just drive around through the city and talk.

"At the time I didn't really know what he was talking about, but he liked to talk," Keenan says. "He would teach me things like, 'Have a good work ethic. One day you're going to want to get a job, so you're going to have to be responsible, pay your bills on time.'

"... He encouraged me to dream, and have hope, and believe that things in life can come true."

But it took a while for Harrison to get through.

"Coming from Oildale, a survivor of child abuse, I was really withdrawn and I didn't say a lot. I didn't understand the words he was using. My mom wasn't educated and my dad didn't care. ... I didn't know much, and I didn't have anyone — a mom, a dad, an uncle, an aunt, anyone — to back me up. And in the day there weren't court-appointed (special) advocates to check in on foster-care kids."

In other words, he was the ideal target for a pedophile: ignorant, utterly lacking a support system, and already damaged.

"I was probably the most vulnerable kid of anyone that he has ever helped," Keenan says. "... So when we talk about the (current) allegations ... I was a target in the biggest way."

He never sensed anything inappropriate coming from the man he, to this day, calls "father."

Harrison became Keenan's legal guardian when the boy was 13, and he adopted him soon afterward at age 14.

When Harrison, newly ordained, took his first job at a church in Merced, Keenan, fresh out of Bakersfield High School, went with him. He attended Merced College, served in student government, was elected homecoming king, and then returned to Bakersfield on his own.

By the time Harrison eventually moved back to Bakersfield by way of Mojave and then Firebaugh, he had gained guardianship of three other boys, on his way to his eventual eight: Rudy, Roy, Herky, Billy, Mark, Juan, Jose and Greg. He is the legal guardian of four and four are legally adopted.

"Four times he was vetted (as an adoptive father) and four times" he passed scrutiny, Keenan says.

All of the brothers, sisters-in-law and grandkids get along well to this day, he adds.

Today, Keenan, 50, is a silversmith and a single father of two boys: Craig, 13 (named for Harrison), and Wyatt, 8. He regularly visits his mother, Ethel, in a special-care facility; his father's health and whereabouts are unknown.

He talks to Harrison regularly — perhaps twice a week on the phone and once in person every week or two. "We're both busy, but I'll call and ask for advice or direction," Keenan says.

Keenan, a former member of the Fox Theater Foundation board, still volunteers at the old landmark theater. Of particular interest is the Fox's Walk of Fame, where sidewalk "stars" are awarded to local residents who've achieved some measure of regional greatness. He is particularly proud that Harrison was so honored.

Keenan ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Bakersfield in 2016, one in an unusually crowded field of 25 candidates (but the third to file papers, he is quick to add). 

"I ran not because I thought I could win," Keenan says. "It was because he inspired me to believe that I could do that."

He says a future City Council run is not out of the question.

Pretty ambitious for a guy relegated to special ed classes as a young kid because he couldn't read and barely communicated.

"That's what he did for me," Keenan says. "He inspired me to believe in life. He gave me hope."

But what of these accusers?

"I think it's fake, I think it's false," Keenan says, offering a theory.

Harrison helped hundreds, perhaps thousands of boys and girls who needed encouragement and support, but he was never going to be able to devote himself to each and every one of them the way he was able to devote himself to Keenan and his adopted siblings. There was only one of him, and he had to move on.

That perceived abandonment might have created lasting resentment in a few of the kids he'd been forced to leave behind, Keenan says. "And if you're a person with that kind of resentment, you're capable of doing anything."

The Catholic Church has failed so many of its faithful, damaging lives over a period of many decades from its inaction. That doesn't mean every accusation will be true.

Keenan wants us to know this is one of those cases.

"He's a life-giver," he says of Harrison. "All he's ever done is inspire me to be a good person and to do good things with my life."

That would place Harrison precisely 180 degrees away on the father spectrum from the man Keenan first honored with the word.

Contact The Californian’s Robert Price at 661-395-7399, or on Twitter: @stubblebuzz. His column appears on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays; the views expressed are his own.

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(35) comments


Mr Todd, if I had personally attacked you, you could then question my courage.
I understand that you are highly educated and you have done great service for the community, and that Father Craig has helped you in those endeavors.
You have portrayed SNAP as being money grabbers by virtue of an allegation of colluding with attorneys. That in fact may be true, but you seem to be focusing on pre-conclusion forgiveness rather than justice for victims. That Justice can land with, or against him. Father Craig could be the victim. While your focus is forgiveness, it is not my habit to forgive someone preemptively. He may need no forgiveness. On the other hand, while you cast doubt on the actions of SNAP, you seem to ignore the Church's general culpability in these matters, regardless of how this particular case pans out. I'm sure you know better than I what Matthew had to say in 7.
I will never apologize for wanting justice and the truth. It's what all civilized people want regardless of whether they are religious or atheist. I hope the truth comes out, but it is my guess it won't he resolved. That would be unfortunate for all involved. We have to know who we are forgiving before we forgive.

Jerry Todd

Thank you for a well reasoned response to my posts. Truth and justice should always be at the forefront. Just when is Justice merely revenge? It's like the fine line between judgment and discernment. As you say, we may never know. (Who are you to judge me?" "I'm not judging you, I simply discern that you're an idiot!" - Joke! Discernment IS a gift of the Holy Spirit we too seldom ask for along with wisdom.)

My earlier point was that in one way or another, we've all been harmed by another. Or harmed someone else either by stupidity or intent. Does that last forever? Are careers destroyed and people's lives ruined over what could be defined as a minor incident long ago? If I let some things that happened to me destroy my life, my hopes or my ambitions, until someone like the attorney ad I showed told me they'd tell me how I was abused?

Does the Church have culpability? You bet. I'm sad they let the beauty and spirit of the Charismatic Renewal descend into a club. IMO, that was the Church's golden opportunity to evangelize the world. At least it evangelized me and many friends.

On the broader front, we are seeing people's lives destroyed by unproven accusations, especially in the political arena. I'm not talking about the President's sense of humor of the kind I grew up with. The recent investigation for collusion has now brought out the number of people held in prison without a trial to keep them quiet - several died there. Mid level pubic figures are accused by government agencies that should never have been weaponized, only to find themselves bankrupt paying legal fees. One thing clear to me in this climate - that I call spiritual warfare, good men and women who have earned leadership in the community can be easily brought down and the lives they effected left in confusion. Go after the big guns, that will throw the community into chaos. It isn't only SNAP, but a plethora of vengence seekers that suck the life out of society.

I had a friend, Walter Bloch. He was an award winning TV writer for Bonanza, Hawaii 5-O and other series. He made a remark one day after he and his wife Mary Ellen, a talented artist, converted to Catholicism. He said, "It's like show biz, you're only as good as your last performance." Something to that.

Thanks for your remarks Pseudonym.


Well Jerry, we differ in political opinion, that is for sure. But thats another discussion. Was it revenge to lock up Charlie Manson? Was it revenge to lock up Jeffrey Dahmer? Should we have simply forgiven Osama Bin Laden? There are reasons for incarceration not based on revenge. Public safety....consequences that keep others from doing crimes etc. You seem to be telling victims of child abuse to get over it, and that worse things can happen and have happened to all of us. No, most people have not been victimized like that. The psychological damage done to these kids not only lasts their whole lives, it also affects everyone around them. You casually talk about 9 year olds getting fingered like it's just a part of growing up. Although Priests are not the only perpetrators of these crimes, to use "whataboutism" when talking about teachers is not a good excuse. You also like to claim that these public figures are getting railroaded. Was Cosby railroaded? Was Anthony Weiner railroaded? Was Roger Ailles railroaded? No.....they were predators who suffered the consequences of their actions. I give no breaks to perps simply because they are political figures that I follow, Hollywood elites, rich businessmen, or even servants of God. In fact, I hold servants of God to an even higher standard.
I would have much more respect for your stance, had you simply said....."He didn't do it.", instead of "Well, even if he did it, it was a long time ago, worse things have happened, say a prayer and forget it".
NO, for these people, worse things have NOT happened. It's a lifelong trauma, and anyone who remotely understands the emotional trauma of being abused by a person they feel to be the very conduit to God understands why so many don't come forward until they are adults. They don't come forward as kids because of fear, and confusion. How do you incriminate the very representative of the Creator? Even as an adult, is it worth it to come forward when you know you will he be villified by many, ridiculed for not being a brave 10 year old, and insinuations about your own sexuality, as if being raped means you are now gay? Sometimes revenge is a motive in justice. But under your philosophy, we should simply tell rapists and murderers to say 10 "Hail Marys" and an "Our Father" and send them on their way with the unreasonable expectation that it will never happen again. Under your view, there would be no need for jails at all, only forgiveness and trusting that a demented person wont abuse again. Sorry, thats not how civilized societies roll. I hope your friend is exonerated, but if he's proven guilty, forgiveness and a transfer is not the answer. I'm sure Jesus forgave the vendors in the Temple, but not before He angrily overturned their tables, accused them of sin, and chased them all out. And that was for what today might be a Farmers Market in the back of San Clemente Church, not the abuse of our most vulnerable souls, children.

"But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea."

Jerry Todd

(Webmaster - Can't you build in paragraph breaks?)

Nevermind, I got a particular chuckle over some probably unconscious duplicity on your part when you made these statements;

"Well Jerry, we differ in political opinion, that is for sure."

"But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea."

More at the end of the subject matter. I'm coming to understand why you use a pseudonym. Your comments might put you at some professional; risk if you were known. At 84 and relatively poor, I could care less, save for my love of the Lord and eagerness to serve Him. Your overwhelming generalizations about well documented perverts that finally got caught doesn't fit the current situation very well - even on any reasonable time line. Not exactly the case where you would feel better if I just said "He didn't do it!"

I was and am trying to find the kind of justice that doesn't further destroy lives, like the feathers of a pillow scattered to the winds. Life must go on for both perp and victim. "Vengance is mine, said the Lord."

American Philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), a father of today's Artificial Intelligence technology, blew up the chemistry lab at Harvard as a student prank. Later, the head of the department became President of Harvard and saw to it Peirce was blackballed for most of his working life. He and his wife nearly froze to death in their home in Milton, CT. He did, however leave behind 10,000 pages of notes, philosophical and theoretical writings not appreciated until after his death. He died a Christian - rather different for a Philosopher, don't you agree? Some believe he was the equal of Aristotle and Leibnitz. Would he have produced as much philosophical work if he hadn't been blackballed? Sometimes, and this is my point - show me a person who's lived a pristine life who ever accomplished anything. Suffering, errors and rejection are part of the human condition for personal growth.

Political differences I can handle. Do victims cause someone to sin, other than enticing helpers of one seeking revenge? I use that Scripture often with respect to the kind of legislation the House Majority is pushing through every day. The latest is a bill allowing male chromosomed "transgenders" competing in women's sports and setting records because, wait for it, they don't believe boys are different from girls. Or boys to make use of girls' locker rooms, especially if the boy decides "today I'm a girl." The same political entity thinks its okay for same sex couples to have the same rights as the "breeders," because they feel love for one another. I don't care how they co-habitate or what their contractual relationships are, short of the sacrament of Marriage. "I don't care If his thing is sheep," Jack Lemmon's priest character stated in the old movie, "Mass Appeal." "As long as he doesn't practice it." That happens to be the official Church position, though worded a little more kindly and unfortunately much ignored.

The sad part is, most Catholics, including clergy and bishops, still remember what Pope St. Leo XIII did to save the laborers in the 19th Century. They are still tied to the very party that has since left them, as Ronald Reagan and Morton Downey, Jr. discovered after long allegiance. Today, it violates every Church and Biblical law on the books. Yet most Catholics feel a certain superiority over a duly elected POTUS who even got the Little Sisters of the Poor out of that party's demand for promoting contraceptives and abortion. Same party is raucously celebrating laws recently passed in states like NY, VT, etc., at the signing of bills allowing abortion any time, and infanticide if the mother and the doctor decide. So much for the sanctity of human life.Is it any wonder why we argue these strange sex issues?
#walkaway .


I'm not sure what abortion, infanticide, or transgenderism had to do with this subject other than more "whataboutism" and "look over there". But suffice it to say I do believe your intentions are good and I hope you embrace the truth however it lands.

The face of truth is open,
The eyes of truth are bright,
The lips of truth are ever closed,
The head of truth is upright.

The breast of truth stands forward,
The gaze of truth is straight,
Truth has neither fear nor doubt,
Truth has patience to wait.

The words of truth are touching,
The voice of truth is deep,
The law of truth is simple:
All that you sow you reap.

The soul of truth is flaming,
The heart of truth is warm,
The mind of truth is clear,
And firm through rain or storm.

Facts are but its shadows,
Truth stands above all sin;
Great be the battle in life,
Truth in the end shall win.

Jerry Todd

Webmaster - Thanks for the paragraph breaks.The fact that we need them doesn't say much for the authors. We've probably exhausted both the readers and our attempts to make sense. I think the thread has reached its zenith with Nevermind's eulogy on truth. Someday, the pseudonyms will meet. BTW, why does BakoCA'n require real names on LTE's but fakes on line? Just curious.


SNAP is not an exclusively Catholic organization. There is SNAP Baptist, SNAP Orthodox, SNAP Presbyterian, SNAP for atheists etc. Priests aren't the only perpetrators of heinous crimes.
Forgiveness is fine, I want justice.

Jerry Todd

Thanks for sharing the scope of snap. Do they have snap for public schools athletic teams scouting LGBTQ groups, ACLU and others destroying our youth via legislation and educational policies?


Well Mr. Todd, as a matter of fact there is SNAP Germany, SNAP Australia, SNAP Boy Scouts, SNAP for Jews, Family SNAPs, etc. True, it's origins are against Priests because Catholicism is the most prolific religion. Personally I hold people in that position to be especially heinous when found responsible.. But yes pedophillia comes in many walks of life. But the defense for Charlie Manson shouldn't be, yes, I forgive him because after all, there's Jeffrey Dahmer, and Charlie never ate his victims. Crimes are crimes, I don't cut Priests a break because teachers commit that crime too. I have an opinion about whether or not the Father committed crimes, but I don't know for sure.
On the one side people say judge not, then they judge the alleged victim in the next sentence. Regardless of this particular case, the fact is that any Catholic should be disturbed by what has occurred. Pedophillia and worse, covering it up, is not a good legacy. Imagine how many people could be fed with the almost 4 billion the Church has had to pay out to victims. Catholics should take heart that the current Pope is not only pragmatic, he seems genuinely concerned. I dont care if a perp is a Priest, a Teacher, a Coach, a Scout leader, a Cop, a therapist, the Olympic Gymnastics doctor, or Uncle Weirdo, whoever....... healing and forgiveness is great.....the New Testament highlights it... the Old Testament highlights Justice. Like the Old Testament, Justice comes first, then we can talk healing and forgiveness. And let that Justice land on whatever is the truth.


Jerry Todd are you trying to good award for Most Ignorant statements? So you are saying equal rights and fair treatment is wrong? Crawl back in your hold.

Jerry Todd

Well, folks, it seems like I'm the only one with the guts to write in my own name, willing to take the barbs from the rash of know-it-alls that are so busy seeking "justice." Seems Jesus said something about, "Go and sin no more." He also said "...the world will hate you. Rejoice!" What a world we're experiencing here these days!

I suppose we could ask me, each of you and the alleged victims, all of us having suffered some form of indignation, probably more than once, more than likely far worse.;

What have you accomplished since then?

Every one of you hiding behind pseudonyms would have an awful time matching what the subject of your suspicion and derision has accomplished as a blessing to thousands.

If he sinned, he sinned. How much is restitution worth? How many millions to split with steeple chasers around the world, so now we learn? There isn't enough money to end spiritual warfare. The flack his adopted son took in his defense is clear evidence of that.

Jerry Todd

Thanks Nevermind. At least half of us know who we're talking to. For all I know, you're part of SNAP Germany, or Timbuctu.

Here's a typical Ad for lawyers who do various forms of steeple chasing.
We've Recovered More than $150 Million Dollars for Our Clients. Call for a Free Consult! We Empower Our Clients by Providing Them with a List of Potential Legal Actions. No Recovery, No Fee. $150 Million Recovered. Aggressive Representation. Types: Sexual Abuse, Workplace Abuse."

Here the lawyers say, "If you don't know how you were abused, we'll tell you." So much for the reign of innocence.

I'm emotional about the perps and victims too. I'm not going to be badgered into a guilt complex for not meeting your definition of "sympathy" to victims. That's a standard SNAP tactic, in fact one used widely as we have been pushed into "respecting" the gender confusion of today, where SNAP is surely not involved. Of course Christians are compassionate and sympathetic. It's the primary weakness SNAP and others will always exploit.

Concentrating on Christians in general and Catholics in particular makes me wonder what atheist deep pockets an apparent international legal consortium has successfully reached a settlement. Hollywood?

.I'm also pragmatic, and a little less sympathetic to thoroughly aged victims. There was a case in this very Diocese where a victim of a long deceased priest gained a settlement from a frightened, guilt-laden Diocese. As you imply, "easy pickings." Even when the Dioceses developed an arbitration settlement system, they're accused of cutting in on the larder or assuring a cover-up.

Maybe we should consider that sexual misdeeds are a human fallacy. Our kids see it exalted on TV and their cellphones every day. Priests, ministers, rabbis, and yes even imams (where's Islam SNAP?), are human and subject to the same outcomes where justice is concerned. When it boils down to money, the victim and his lawyers must be subject to scrutiny too.


Well Jerry, let's stipulate some facts and we can go from there. First of all, I am not a SNAP member. Secondly, the Church has instead of prosecuting criminals, transferred some, defrocked others. Despite the fact you may indeed believe that all 4 billion dollars was due to false accusations, and that the payoffs were not warranted, you have to know that even the Church admits culpability. Your argument seems to be like someone saying, it was 25 degrees in Minnesota today, therefore climate change is a hoax. I have already said that molesters come in all walks if life. ..yes . ..and they should be held accountable. Do you agree that ALL proven abusers should he held accountable? If you don't agree with that, there's nothing further to debate. You can scutinize, and should scrutinize, the accusers. But instead of the call for the truth, you seem to be qualifying your stance with the forgiveness rhetoric. The guiltless need no forgiveness. Unless we all find out that the accusers are in fact money grabbers.......then you will forgive them...... right? I hope that the Father did not commit those crimes, you agree. I think if it's proven they are false accusations, the accusers are punished, you agree.
I think each case should be judged on its own merit, you agree. I agree there are false accusations in the world and lawyers ready to take advantage. All I want is the truth. Is that an immoral thing to want now? Do you want the truth, or do you believe Priests and the Church guiltless on all counts.....ever?
I have no agenda, I hope the guy is cleared, but personally, I don't think it will be completely resolved, proven neither one way or the other, and people will still have their opinions.


So Jerry Todd thinks spiritual warfare is when victims of sexual abuse and cover up is spiritual warfare and not the vile deeds inflicted on the children. He has zero credibility and should stop talking like he’s a Christian. Roy lost all respect when he caused alleged victims of being jealous and lying. He could have said all the nice stuff about the alleged perp without victim shaming. That is the whole stupid point. Support who you want too but if you are responsible for intimidating 1 victim of sexual abuse by your hateful comments towards them then you are demonic. This allows perps to continue in their sickness and hurt other children. That is wrong and if you can’t see it you are either ignorant or evil . Funny how so many old white men want to brush of victims of sexual assault and call them liars and money hungry people. Sure does look like they want these actions to continue quietly as not to disrupt their status quo. Times are changing #metoo # timesup # istandwithsurvivors . Old men like Jerry Todd are shaking in their boots because the days of getting away with this type of behavior is getting harder.

Jerry Todd

You lost all credibility with your Alinskyite term "hateful." I don't even hate you, even if you can't put a cogent sentence together or tell the world you're really a girl. And now I'm a prejudiced "old white guy." Your list of radical left compassionate sounding hashtags is further evidence you are the one who has to deal with hate.

Keep going, you're right on the track I anticipated. I knew you couldn't read with comprehension. Interpreting my comments as victim intimidation really is off the wall. Demonic? Talking like I'm a Christian? ".... forgive is our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us..." Fit that into SNAP tactics. Pray for wisdom. I'm still working on it. How about you?


What tv show exactly shows child sexual abuse as normal human fallacy.? Name one. Funny how you make totally false statements and can’t back them with facts.

Jerry Todd

Didn't say that. TV norms in general and the cellphone apps expose our kids and adults to the "normality" of sexual activity with no consequences. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.


It’s sad that people like Jerry Todd think it’s radical to support victims of sexual abuse. It’s sad that people like Jerry Todd cannot see that calling victims who come forward liars and looking for money is victim intimidation. If these are radical leftist views sign me up! Sad that as he spews his hate he points a finger saying others are hateful. That’s called projection. I think somebody needs to read a few basic books on psychology and sexual abuse get a little more educated and then try and have a conversation . Funny how when you call him out and reverse his rhetoric back at him he starts sounding like a sound bite from fox(state) tv. This is exactly a good example of what happens when people do not educate their minds albeit school or I don’t know read a book. Still waiting for you Jerry to say yes I support victims and want them to have a voice. Just can’t do it can you? Wonder why..


So, if you shed a light on the subject of a story, which is easily and readily available to everyone, and not simply opinion or rumor, it is grounds for deletion? Okay, well, good luck to whoever is or are the victims here. I think we all agree on that.


My heart breaks for all those involved in this sad situation. My heart breaks for the whole community. Sometimes good people do bad things. Sometimes bad people do good things. Whatever the outcome it does not discount the support and good deeds and kind words people have experienced . Humans are deeply flawed and complicated . So many people are hurt and confused . It’s time to stop pointing fingers and name calling on both sides. We are all broken. All we should do is express support and love without vilification regardless of what side you stand on. People are deeply wounded and need space and time to process and heal.


Obviously this forum (comments) has become more adversarial than advisory (noting deletes).
At the very least, Mr. Price has offered us a "first-hand encounter" COUNTER to all the salacious "yellow journalism" of some recent strongly negative article attacks BY OTHERS.
This all is mindful that this Catholic Monsignor REMAINS an "UNPROSECUTED, PRESUMPTION-OF-INNOCENCE" . . . MAN OF GOD . . . STILL . . . furthering his faith to kith and kin alike.
It adds credence to the further exposure of S*N*A*P and its notable AND SUBSTANTIATED underhanded attacks in these pages but also its national notoriety (AND THOSE so-called "ABUSED" WHO HAVE LIED) . . . in its quest for $$$.
Perhaps IF the Fresno Diocese woulda (coulda . . . shoulda) un·a·pol·o·get·i·cal·ly also have shared some of the accolades (past & present) it has received illustrating the far greater 'Catechismal' (numbers) side of the clergy and its contributions 'above & beyond' . . . epitomized by Msgr. Harrison and his fellows . . . we'd see increasing transparency.
This article brings a novel "attaboy" to Mr. Price from at least this reader.

Jerry Todd

I just walked the Healing Garden at Mercy Hospital. By the Lake family. Guess who motivated them? This is what accusers are willing to forego for the rest of us.


The accusers have every right to tell their truth regardless of pretty gardens . Jerry Todd continues to attempt to intimidate victims through victim shaming. Even though the bishop of the Catholic Church said not to do this.

Jerry Todd

Whoever you are hiding behind "Copper," my point was not to shame alleged victims, but to awaken him to point out an example of the fruit of the accused's labors for his flock and the wider community. Scripture has a method for dealing with scandal. The aim is healing on both sides of the issue. SNAP and its volunteers profess to be Catholic while violating the very principles tough from earliest times., especially healing and, if necessary, forgiveness. No amount of money will heal a bitter soul.

Even the testimony of a man who lived through the accused fatherhood after being rescued from a disaster. My daughter baby sat for him and never had a problem. Another of his adoptees saw his parents murdered. Another became a Navy Seal.

Jerry Todd

We have a few cowards that post their demonic stuff under the guise of "Concerned." Are they the "Pete Titl" of the insanity crowd? TBC is always ready to push their hateful diatribes, even in the face of overwhelming evidence from real people with real names..


What’s demonic about condemning molestors? I would think the molestors act of hurting children is demonic. You would all do well to read the bishops statement about supporting the victims . It was spot on. Guilt or innocence aside the victims should never be vilified like so many people have done here. Not just for the alleged victims in his sad story but for hose victims who are sitting in silence scared to come forward and hose who are being hurt right now who need to be given a voice and see that society supports them. Jerry Todd do you support child molestors!? I have not once seen you voice support for any victims .

Jerry Todd

I've seen a clergyman diddle around (finger "play") with boys my age in Chicago when I was 9. I was an outsider and didn't know what it was about. I knew it was wrong, and the perp didn't seem to have control of himself. Today, I look for ways to heal and forgive, not seek attorney-shared rewards from seemingly deep pockets. Everybody believed Susan Blasey Ford, the professor who claimed being molested by Judge Kavanaugh. It was a professorial lie. Alleged victims from a quarter century ago have to be pondered carefully, especially if enticed into the open by a group who has no interest in healing , forgiveness or the ministry of the Church.


Ford was never proven one way or another. 94 percent of people who come forward are telling the truth. That’s a fact. It’s a gross statement to tell a victim that they should stay quiet because a perp has done good things for the community. That is not ok. Maybe this person did good deeds to hide behind so people like you can say oh look he can’t be guilty because he did this and that. Educate yourself about sexual abuse you clearly know nothing.

Comment deleted.

Regarding opinion; libel and slander are things that one can be sued for. When someone comments online, it’s libel. It’s more damaging and harmful than slander, but easier for one to sue for. Evidence for statements are generally required to defend oneself. Online commenting hasn’t typically fallen under the freedom of press. Even yelpers now have been sued successfully for making these types of claims.


Dear Concerned Citizen, Seriously? Clearly you are projecting.

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CCoB, Unless you have proof or knowledge of the alleged crimes, your continued comments on Harrison's guilt come across as an ax to grind with the Church he works for or with him personally. Either way, it is an unbecoming look on you.

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I think that’s slander and probably not protected speech under the first amendment.

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