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JOSE GASPAR: How do you stop a homophobic chant on the world stage of soccer?

Sometime around 2003 or so, no one is quite sure when, fútbol fans in Guadalajara, Mexico started a peculiar type of chant meant to intimidate and rattle the opposing team's goalie. Just as the goalie was about to kick the ball deep into the home team's territory, fans would collectively start with, "ehhhhhhh......" and then let out a loud "poooommmmmm" when the goalie's foot touched the ball.

The collective cry would carry like a wave and hopefully disrupt an opposing player's concentration. It seemed innocent enough, sort of like when baseball fans yell at opposing batters, "Hey, batter, batter, swing!" Then somehow, or someone, changed the last part of yelling "poooommmmmm" into something else very different. In the new cry's second half, fans began saying the slang word for male prostitute.  

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