For the past five months, Sergio Arredondo has been carrying a huge weight, troubled by the murder of his brother, well-known Bakersfield businessman and car dealer Jose Arredondo.

Losing his brother to a horrific murder in Cabo San Lucas in July was bad enough. Making it worse, he says, is that the wrong man is locked up, accused of murder. That man is Roberto Gonzalez, a longtime friend and golfing partner of Jose Arredondo.

I sat down for an interview with Sergio and two attorneys involved in the case who were recently in Bakersfield.

Three days after his brother Jose was found murdered in his condo in Cabo San Lucas, Sergio Arredondo said, he got a call from Comandante Jose de Jesus Garcia of the State Attorney General's office.

"Garcia told me they were looking for Roberto Gonzalez but couldn't find him," said Arredondo.

Turns out he had Gonzalez's number and Garcia told him to call Gonzalez and for the two of them to meet at the crime scene at 10 a.m. Arredondo adds that when he got to the condominium complex, Gonzalez was already there being interviewed by agents from the State Attorney General's office. Led to believe Gonzalez was a murder suspect, Arredondo said he was bewildered when he saw Gonzalez released. Turning to Garcia, Arredondo asked the comandante why Gonzalez was freed.

"(Garcia's) comment to me was, 'No, they're waiting for him down the street they're going to pick him up. As a matter of fact, he's not even going to get arrested. We're going to pretty much kidnap him, take him. We're going to take him to the desert and he's going to tell us what happened,'" recalled Arredondo.

What? Did I hear him correctly? Kidnap Gonzalez and take him to the desert? To do what exactly?

"(Garcia) said they were going to make him confess," Arredondo said.

The 56-year-old Arredondo said he never gave the comment much thought; he thought it was a joke.

But when Arredondo saw a news story on Telemundo in which Gonzalez testified at a court hearing to being kidnapped and tortured to confess to his brother's murder, he realized it was no joke.

"Describing what they did to him, it went hand in hand to what they told me they were going to do to him," Arredondo said as his eyes started to water. "It created confusion in my mind that he was being framed."

Does he feel he was used by police in Cabo San Lucas?, I asked him. To which he responded, "Yes, I feel that way. My conscience has been bothering me a lot over this." He added he felt he needed to come forward with this story to get it off his chest and set the record straight for the benefit of Gonzalez, who sits in a jail cell awaiting trial. But going to Cabo San Lucas to testify for the defense is another matter, which even the attorney for Gonzalez says is not a good idea.

"I would not call Sergio Arredondo to go to Cabo San Lucas precisely because of his safety," said Jaime Tacher.

Tacher believes that to solve this case, police need to do several things. "Follow the money. You need to follow the money in order to know what's going on here," said the attorney. "In this type of homicide, you have to follow those closest to the victim to figure out a motive."

Jose Arredondo's siblings have hired their own lawyer in Cabo San Lucas to pursue other possibilities as to who would want to kill their brother. Who stands to financially benefit from the death of this successful businessman?

"It seems very strange to us that police have not followed the money trail, which is of huge importance," said attorney Armando Serrano.

"They have not interviewed nor investigated those closest to Jose and the fact they have not looked into Jose's personal life really confounds us because if they look, they will find a lot of relative points," said Serrano.

Looking at how things have played out so far, Sergio Arredondo agrees with the analysis by both attorneys.

"They didn't go to rob my brother, they went to kill him. That's why they need to follow the money," said Arredondo.

Defense attorney Tacher sums up the case this way: "There's an innocent person in jail. There's a family without justice and there are assassins that are free. And the State Attorney General allows it."

The State Attorney General's Office has declined to comment, saying it's prohibited from giving out information about any ongoing investigation.

Roberto Gonzalez is scheduled to go to trial at the end of January or early February.

Contributing columnist Jose Gaspar is a news anchor/reporter for Telemundo Bakersfield and KGET. Email him at The views expressed here are his own.

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Mrknowitall so funny that I can tell exactly who you are 😂


Everyone feels in their heart they know who I am. I’m like Santa Claus... every kid wants to believe I’m real and concerned about JUST them. I design my answers in a manner that is guaranteed to convince the masses that they can ID an anonymous poster from amongst a city population that exceeds 350,000. However in this particular case... I shall allow you to be correct. But please keep this between just we two SD. Lol. See... I also have the ability to pick out one in 350,000. 🎅🏿


I thought about it before replying and decided I’ll give your initials.



OMG, LOL! I knew it. Explains a lot.


Ummmmm. Nope. The collective minuscule brain cells seeking absolution have veered wildly... I dare say recklessly, off the beaten path. Tsk. Tsk. EW indeed. Have you no imagination? If you must call me something other than Mrknowitall—- you may call me “Daddy”.


Ok. So it is again up to Mr. Knowitall to decipher the code in this article since obviously nobody else is willing or able to. It is obvious that this cat—the brother of Jose no less— is screaming ‘Hey... investigate who got Jose’s money’. He basically spells out that the motive is money, but Jose was not robbed. The purpose of his home being invaded was murder most foul. Not robbery. Hmmmm. So in the law, the seekers of truth follow the simple maxim ‘Si Buono’. Latin for ‘who benefits’. Yes. Mr Knowitall is also, as I’m sure has been suspected here, well versed in matters of The Law. So. Who did benefit the most, or substantial benefitted fro Jose’s untimely demise seems to be Jose’s brother as well as Attorney Tach’s question. Mr. Knowitall never deals in speculation. I’ll leave it in the fine hands of those who deal in rumor, innuendo, and scandal to connect any dots they feel compelled to connect.

The Jackal

You glanced over the part where government agents kidnapped a man and tortured him into confessing for a murder and the cover-up of corruption leading from Bakersfield to Cabo.

All Star

Hey David, did you see Richard Beene listed you on his top 10 losers list for 2019? That's funny.


The correct phrasing would be “glossed over, NOT “glanced over”. How can one so ignorant seek public office and pretend to be qualified to lead a movement among the masses?! That tickles me.

Then: you pivot like a moth to the flame, straight into adore of your whacked-out, unhinged, unconfirmed, impossible conspiracy theories. Suggestion: put on an orange comb-over wig, keep the snarl, and vacant look... and run for President. Lol. So silly. Now I have to dodge the corruption pouring out of the clouds n spilling forth from our oceans and rivers from Bako (so zany) to Cabo. I 🕵️‍♀️ SPY. Next you be claiming the salsa at Mexicali is really just hot sauce squeezed out from Taco Bell packets. Sheeeesh. Put down the pipe. Drink some warm milk. Eat some Xmas cookies. Get about 72 hours of sleep. Wake up, splash some ice water across your chops and watch 5 hours of cartoons. If you are still a bubble off... rinse, repeat until mid-July.


So funny how I can tell exactly who you are. 😂


Most of us got here through a "border jumping" relative. Regardless of his alleged activity, he was a U.S. citizen. Everyone should be concerned when an American citizen is murdered abroad.


Who cares about these border jumpers


Who cares about their fellow man? Mr. Knowitall, once again, must educate the ignorant. OK.

First of all, The Irish, The Italian, The Asians... are all “border jumpers”. Americans are all basically “border jumpers”. The mere fact that more time has elapsed since their “jump” does not make it any less true. So... Pedo-lover or hater, whichever you are today... this means YOU and your relatives are “jumpers” too. Lol. Hello fellow ‘Jumper’!

This irrefutable fact (unless u are Native American) May explain the severe self-loathing evident in your posts. Mr. Knowitall has extensive insights & in the field of psychiatry. I shall help you... free of charge no less. Accept and embrace your lack of self-confidence. It is OK for you to feel a lack of self-worth. It’s not unusual that the mirror image frightens you as the reflection is not opaque in nature, but rather always conveys clarity. So first you must accept your faults. Recognize the undeniably sick manifestations that ignite and nurture the aberrant behaviors often demonstrated here. Then, and only then, will the suffering digress. Go in peace my son. Take two breath mints and call your physician in the morning.

All Star

Every one of these articles reads like a Telenovelas Mexicanas...


I agree. I add hokey and amateurish to it.

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