Not much sun, lots of rain and we’re still blooming blooming. It’s hard to imagine what this place is going to look like with a couple of weeks of sun but if the early weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk and in the garden — front and back — are indications, this spring will be an explosion o…

Last week the showers at the pool were closed for maintenance. The “pool” is the McMurtrey Aquatics Center. Without a shower, because of the chlorination (sodium hypochlorite), swimmers risk looking as if they have brushed their faces against a salt lick.

Think Van Morrison with equally good material and a textured, New Orleans twang unlike any other voice in America and you have Andrew Duhon. The singer-songwriter’s upcoming performance at the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame on Jan. 18 will be his third local appearance with Passing Through P…

Earlier this week, I rode a Bird, one of those electric scooters that recently came to town. I wanted to wave to people and say, “Yes, this is me. I’m riding a scooter,” but I didn’t dare take my hands off the handlebars lest I fall or run over a soft, fleeing animal.

Last Saturday was the Bakersfield Master Chorale’s "Messiah" concert. This is the Christmas program, but Handel’s "Messiah" has a tendency to swamp the rest of the selections like high seas might a short-walled boat.

An old house is a mysterious thing, and one of the mysteries of this 122-year-old house has been a light switch downstairs inside the front door.

Frank Fisher, aka Cranky Franky, eats breakfast at the “Pine” six days a week. That’d be seven if Fisher didn’t have coffee and a doughnut at church on Sunday.