Dear Tastries Bakery: I've always thought you were fantastic. The first time I experienced your tasty morsels of goodness was when I won one of your Spider-Man cookies at a business party. I took the cookie home to my 3-year old daughter and she devoured it on sight. She looked like the Kern County Cookie Monster Colored Girl. Cutest thing ever.

Days later, that pleasant experience prompted me to go down to your store and buy more. No, not more delectable superhero cookies; this time I chose from a new stable of cookies. Same ingredients, different configuration. One was shaped like a hot air balloon. I bought that and rushed it home to my baby girl. She loved it.

I started frequenting your establishment for more of those frosting-covered cookies and incomparable macarons. Flawless. Best in Kern County.

As you probably noticed during my visits, I am a 6 foot, 1-inch tall, muscular African-American male. Every time I visited, I was treated with the utmost respect. Yes, I always felt that your prices were a little high, but I have never had an issue with paying a little extra for quality. Your products were amazing and your service was phenomenal. Thank you for the hospitality.

That is why I'm shocked to hear that intolerance made an appearance at Tastries recently.

Word has it that Eileen Del-Rio and Mireya Rodriguez were denied services from Tastries because they are a lesbian couple. Two women who fell in love two years ago and decided to make things official by getting married.

Then you — and by "you" I mean bakery owner Cathy Miller — allegedly informed them that she doesn't "condone same-sex marriage." You then allegedly proceeded to forward their contact information to a bakery competitor as an alternative. Wow.

Look. I personally am under perpetual spiritual construction. I would never question the authenticity of someone adhering to their religious belief system. Kudos to you for trying to practice what you preach. The world needs more of that.

But I'm also here to inform you that you're doing it wrong.

As I have been taught ever since I learned there were 66 books in the Holy Bible, there are no varying degrees of sin as it relates to God. There is no severity of sins. All sins are created equal. That's biblical.

And if that's the case, I want you to also deny services to that customer covered in tattoos.

Leviticus 19:28 states, "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord."

Tattoo Man won't be enjoying those Spider-Man cookies.

I want you to also deny services to that man who left his wife and is now remarrying.

Malachi 2:16 clearly states, "For I hate divorce!" says the Lord, the God of Israel. "To divorce your wife is to overwhelm her with cruelty."

That guy's prior marriage dissolution results in meringue disappointment.

And I also want you to deny services to that Buddhist, Scientologist and atheist who doesn't recognize Jesus Christ as being the Son of God.

If Jesus implores you to turn your back on homosexuals who wish to marry, I'm quite sure he demands that you do the same toward people that deny his power or, worse, his very existence.

No macarons for the Muslims.

And how about the guy with the piercings?

Or that scantily clad woman with the partially exposed breasts who's showing too much leg?

Or that cigarette smoker?

You get my point.

You, as a business owner, should already be aware of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act. That legislation specifically outlaws discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, or sexual orientation.

I would anticipate a phone call from the ACLU. Perhaps the National Center for Lesbian Rights as well. If it hasn't happened already.

That being said, I'm praying that you also, as a Christian business owner, would also be aware of what Jesus said in Luke 6:37:

"Do not judge others, and God will not judge you; do not condemn others, and God will not condemn you; forgive others, and God will forgive you."

God bless you in all your future endeavors. I'll be praying for you. Ironically.

Danny Morrison is a radio host at the New 103.9 The Beat, host of the 'Danny Morrison Media Show" video podcast, mentor and motivational speaker. His columns appear here every Tuesday; the views expressed are his own. Reach him at

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the residents of the Armpit of the State R scary... burn all of them UnPure at the stake righteous...must B our DNA isn't spiraled Right....or 2 Right...Vote Blue in 2018....Peace...Hug a Tree 2day...have a Impeach a President Good Day


"That is why I'm shocked to hear that intolerance made an appearance at Tastries recently." You bet intolerance made an appearance. It was you Danny.


This was a good attempt at trying to go after someone for standing by her beliefs and placing judgement and attempting to bring more negative publicity to her. What most do not understand is she has the right to not want to be a part of a ceremony she does not believe in. Just as the couple has the right to have the ceremony even when many also disagree with it . Why is it OK to speak out against this woman's beliefs but not OK to speak out against the ceremony. Why is it OK to force society to accept what they choose but not OK to simply not want to have any part in it. By bad nothing and judging this woman you are no better than what you are saying she is doing. Just because people have made the choice to as I feel go against the natural order of things does not make it something the rest of us have to support and accept. That's the problem with this they think they deserve more right and special treatment. If they want equality then live as such . They get bad attention because they put here issues and life out there for all the word to see instead of just living a normal life. Don't push your choices on he rest of the world when you do that don't get upset when the world bites back. Force your opinion on me I'm going to come back with an opinion you may not be ready for. You have no right to judge and publicly judge and condemn this woman for her right to choose. Don't be a hypocrite you become part of the problem.


Reams of profundity and clean as a razor’s edge. If the good Lord had enjoyed such insightful thinking as Mr. Morrison when inspiring the bible’s writers there would surely never be any friction between his persecuted followers and their adversaries.

John Grasso

You said that all sin is equally bad for Christians. That is your intepretation and you should know that most Christians do not believe that interpretation. There are biblical passages that distinguish sin into different categories (e.g., 1 Cor. 6:18 and 1 John 5:16) and 1 Cor 6:18 distinguishes sins outside the body from those 'against his own body'. Your interpretation is outside the bounds of longstanding Christian tradition and makes a mockery of it. If you can't make sense of those passages, just leave the bible interpretation alone. Is it possible that Christians who do not accept your interepretation also care and love LGBT people but simply do not wish to celebrate a gay marriage, because it necessarily involves intimate relationships that have always been viewed as sinful?


Danny, I appreciate your very positive comments on the quality and flavor of products at Tastries bakery. I certainly agree with you there. But I must point out that you miss the salient point of this whole discussion. Cathy Miller's doors are open to ALL people of God's creation, she will sell any product on the shelf to anybody, including gay and lesbians. She simply will not participate in the wedding CEREMONY by creating a cake for that particular event. Ceremony is the key word. If a gay couple come in and want a specially designed birthday cake they will be served without question. By the way, the same sex couple were married back in December of 2015, how can this be such a traumatic experience?

Babette Plana

"As I have been taught ever since I learned there were 66 books in the Holy Bible, there are no varying degrees of sin as it relates to God. There is no severity of sins. All sins are created equal. That's biblical."

Mr. Morrison's premise is mistaken. Sins are not equal in severity, degree and scope. Murder is certainly more egregious than stealing. Homosexuality has its place in the hierarchy of sins. A studious and honest reading of the Scriptures makes that abundantly clear.


Well stated.

Nice try ... I think you are reaching for straws here on this argument... People with tattoos or the guy that left his wife or for that matter every sinner who walks into that bakery including yourself she is not judging .. but she is simply saying I don't condone same sex marriage and will not contribute to the festivities of that event .. which is completely different then some one else coming in a buying a cookie and has a tattoo .. are they celebrating that tattoo publicly in front of God and country and asking all of us to except their choice ... No not even close .. but nice try on trying to push the LGBTQ agenda on everyone under such rediculousness....


Thank you, Mr. Morrison, for stating the obvious in a way that even Ms. Miller might understand.


Your right Danny, she should of bounced you out of her store for being a pompous a holes know it all and should of noticed your a racist punk and knew you carry the ACLU like a gun, follow Lois and go away.


Our local expert on all things "black" is now an expert on Donuts and ding-dongs.... What a burden it must be to possess so many talents....

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