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A modest proposal: US government should replace older $100 bills, eliminate counterfeits

Last week it was reported that a nephew of convicted drug dealer Pablo Escobar opened up a wall in a house the drug dealer owned and, lo and behold, discovered $18 million in American $100 bills. Even if the movies were correct that it is possible to put $1 million in a briefcase (it isn’t easy), that would be 18 briefcases full. One wonders if uncle Pablo may have suggested the family remodel that part of the house.

Some years ago it was reported that drug agents were searching a drug dealer’s residence in Mexico. When they pulled back a bedspread to search under the bed they were surprised to learn it wasn’t a bed, but consisted entirely of stacked $100 bills in the shape of a bed. A California King, I presume.

Jon Stuebbe is retired after 20 years as a Kern County Superior Court judge. He was previously dean of California Pacific School of Law. The views expressed here are his own.