Last Saturday was the Bakersfield Master Chorale’s "Messiah" concert. This is the Christmas program, but Handel’s "Messiah" has a tendency to swamp the rest of the selections like high seas might a short-walled boat.

An old house is a mysterious thing, and one of the mysteries of this 122-year-old house has been a light switch downstairs inside the front door.

Frank Fisher, aka Cranky Franky, eats breakfast at the “Pine” six days a week. That’d be seven if Fisher didn’t have coffee and a doughnut at church on Sunday.

When I was a kid, I was afraid of Frankenstein and Dracula, which was understandable because my brother told me that these two monsters actually lived in the closet in our basement. But I wonder now, how come the thing I feared most of all as a child was lava? I was terrified of the rush of …

We were at Mel’s cabin near Glennville for a men’s night. I was doing dishes for a dinner that included spareribs, Luigi’s pasta with red sauce, salad with blue cheese and sweet, toasted pecans, and a pot of Italian beans.

Everybody can agree on Thanksgiving. If we can’t agree on Thanksgiving, we’re probably not going to agree on much. It’s an uncomplicated holiday or at least for someone like me, whose contribution is subliminal, rather than honest labor in the kitchen.

When David Torres knocked on the door of Room 113 last Friday morning, he looked around as if to check for enemy fire. Good — coast clear. At 8 a.m., local defense attorney had already accomplished his primary goal, regardless of whatever ambush faced him later in court: Beat H.A. Sala to a …

Reader: As much as I like Peter Wonderly, I must strongly oppose his suggestion that evangelical Christians should "Vote for the common good" (Community Voices, Oct. 30) by selecting Democrat candidates. Even if I agreed with Peter's talking points questioning the morality of Republican posi…

My husband and I met and became friends and fell in love when we were theater students at the University of Dallas in the last century. Decades of marriage and four daughters later, we’d been invited to a reunion covering 50 years of the UD drama department.

I wrote the first part of this column (see below, starting with “Looking back”) last week, before we moved from our downtown offices at 17th and Eye to our new digs on Pegasus Drive out in the puckerbrush. I was sad then but now I’m singing a new tune and loving the melody.

Check his blood pressure. While you’re at it, maybe his sanity, too. Ken Wonderly is not only restoring a house built in 1895, he’s enjoying it, unruffled by the clouds of flying dust, high-pitched whine of the electric saws and nail guns that sound like small automatic weapons.