What is Best of?

Entering its 26th year, the Best Of Readers’ Choice Poll showcases the people, places and things that make Kern County truly unique.

Best Of certificates are displayed proudly on windows, walls and offices like badges of honor earned after countless hours, days, weeks and years serving the community.

To be named a “Best Of” winner or favorite is to be among elite company – a distinction granted by the people who call this place home.

Each year brings anticipation and excitement, from the nomination process, voting to determine the top three, all the way to the big reveal. Will giants be dethroned? Is this the year a longtime favorite claims the title of winner? Will a newcomer catch everyone by surprise?

You decide.

The Process

The Best Of Readers’ Choice Poll takes place in two stages.

The nomination process took place November 5–19, 2018. This is the most important part because this determines what makes it on the ballot! During this stage, participants are free to nominate anything and everything in the corresponding categories. The top nomination-getters will move on to the ballot for the second stage: voting.

The voting process took place January 21 – February 17, 2019. During this stage, participants chose from the top nomination-getters from the nomination process. This stage determines the winners and favorites that will be published in the Best Of issue of Bakersfield Life Magazine that comes out in May!

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