Runners running in city marathon

Preparing for a 5K run isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

As long as you stay consistent, this program will allow you to progress every week. Your cardiovascular endurance will improve and you will be ready to go for your upcoming 5K event. Don’t forget to challenge yourself and have fun!

The Training program, included with fit tips, will help turn a beginner and intermediate runner into a running machine. In addition, this program includes interval training. Interval training has been shown to be very effective with improving speed, endurance and stamina.

As a beginner, you want to make sure that you don’t overdo it and that you gradually increase your times to prevent injury and over training. As an intermediate runner, you can add two or more minutes to the running time and/or decrease your walking time to 30 seconds.

Even if you have never run a 5K event, these tips and six-week program will ensure completion of 3.1 miles and make it feel like a breeze.

Runner’s Tips

1. Make sure you have proper running shoes.

2. Stay hydrated

3. Always start with a dynamic warmup and finish off with a cooldown.

4. Carry a stopwatch or wear a watch to keep an eye on time. Log results on a weekly basis.

5. Make sure to have a balanced, healthy diet that fuels your training.

6. Add resistance training two to three times a week, as it has been shown to be beneficial for runners.

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