Sequoia Sandwich Company

The strawberries and cream dish at Sequoia Sandwich Company is the perfect treat or dessert, especially while beating the summer heat in Bakersfield. While it seems like a simple dish you might be able to make at home, think again. You haven’t had fresh strawberries quite like this, or the mountain of “cream,” which could be considered a sweeter, cream cheese-like consistency, to top it off.

This is an incredibly popular item, which you might not expect from a sandwich company. However, if strawberries and cream aren’t your thing, or they are sold out, there are plenty of delicious treats, including the giant homemade cookies, the carrot cake and banana pudding. Is your mouth watering yet?

Victor’s Mexican Grill

If you’re craving Mexican food, but with a healthier twist, Victor’s Mexican Grill is the place, as most of the menu is under 1,000 calories, which is clearly displayed on the restaurant’s website. While many people opt for burritos or bowls, the street tacos are a classic choice. Choose your meat and your fillings, such as the vegetables or cactus, salsa, black or pinto beans, cheese and more.

Might we also add that their cilantro sauce is a must, and all ingredients are fresh. Victor’s also serves breakfast with a variety of options, including chilaquiles, breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros and a biscuits and gravy plate.