With open arms, Bakersfield welcomed a new bakery in 2020: the delicious Crumbl Cookies located at The Shops at River Walk. As a cookie lover myself, I had to try what some residents of Bakersfield raved about. 

Their menu rotates each week to provide different specialty flavors for dessert lovers to enjoy and never tire of the flavors. Aside from the delicious cookies, Crumbl Cookies sells ice cream and keeps milk on the side to cleanse our cookie palette. Prices are $4 per cookie, $13 for a Crumbl box of four and $33 for a party box of a dozen. 

I wanted to try a classic so I ordered the milk chocolate chip cookie and was not disappointed. It was soft, warm and gooey from the chocolate. The red velvet cookie tasted like any other red velvet cake but in cookie form — a moist red velvet base with cream cheese swirled on top. 

The cookies are HUGE, moist, served warm and tasty with every bite. You'll definitely want a tall glass of milk as you enjoy these cookies. 

— Julie Mana-ay Perez

The funfetti cookie is definitely fun! It has all the birthday cake flavors you love, but with a sweet cookie base for extra yumminess. The sticky buns cookie, as its name suggests, will get your hands sticky, but full of flavor. The warm buttery vanilla sugar cookie is topped with an amazing butterscotch caramel glaze and pecans. You'll gobble this up in seconds!

— Ema Sasic