Known for providing high-quality artistic entertainment, Cirque Du Soleil has introduced the world to 41 unique creations that push the boundaries of performance and imagination.

The 42nd will take the international sensation where it has never gone before – on ice.

From March 20 to 24, Cirque Du Soleil’s “Crystal” will glide across the frozen surface at Rabobank Arena with world-class ice skaters and acrobats challenging the laws of gravity with never-before-seen acrobatics as they tell the tale of Crystal, a young girl struggling to find her place in society.

A journey of self-discovery, Crystal ventures out to escape reality, falling through the ice of a frozen pond into an upside-down world where she sees a reflection of herself that guides her and wakes her up to her own creativity after she discovers she can alter her environment and will characters into existence with a mere stroke of her pen.

“Crystal’s” theme of looking at things from fresh angles reflects the creation of the show.

An idea Cirque had been exploring for a decade, the creative team delved into uncharted territory by combining circus disciplines with synchronized, freestyle and extreme skating, taking ice disciplines and pushing them further in typical Cirque fashion.

Taking the showmanship Cirque is known for to the ice called for a new form of acrobatics that utilizes figure skates, hockey skates and ice cleats. It also introduces Cirque staples like stilts, aerial silks and high-flying trapeze with foreign items like ramps on and over frozen surfaces.

In addition to tumbling, juggling, pendular poles and more, “Crystal” showcases Cirque’s take on hockey, which features a barrage of flips, twists and jumps, and debuts a tap dance performance that has mics attached to performers’ skates as they try to one-up each other in a friendly competition.

Performing in arenas that house regulation-sized hockey rinks gives “Crystal” a larger stage than Cirque’s other traveling shows, which allows for creative additions like surface projections on the ice to create a more immersive show experience. The ice will also host sets ranging from a schoolyard to an office tower to a giant pinball machine.

Narrating the rhythm of the action on the ice is a score that moves from grand orchestral sounds to klezmer-style chamber music to melodic folk and rock-tinged beats. Covers of well-known pop songs specifically recorded for the show will also be featured in “Crystal” – a first for Cirque du Soleil.

A family friendly experience filled with jaw-dropping acts, colorful visuals and moving music, “Crystal” tackles the challenge of discovering one’s individuality and embracing their uniqueness in a world that pushes toward uniformity. 

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