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Other than a journey to the aisle that has both taco supplies and stir-fry, most of our grocery shopping trips are ordinary. Most stores confine ethnic ingredients to a single aisle, leaving shoppers with limited options. Fortunately, Bakersfield has a variety of ethnic specialty stores carrying items you can’t find anywhere else.

Medi Grocery (1002 Wible Road)

Medi Grocery is a Middle Eastern store that sells European produce and goods. Many of their products are ingredients used in popular Mediterranean, Romanian and Iranian dishes, like tahina seasoning and fava beans. Medi Grocery also has a frozen meal section for famous dishes like gyros, samosas, paratha and chicken seekh kebabs. In Islamic law, halal awareness is spread among Muslims, so many of Medi Grocery’s snack products do not contain gelatin, which is derived from pigs.

Asia Market (7701 White Lane)

There are a few Asian markets in Bakersfield but one of the bigger stores is Asia Market, which sells just about every Asian product imaginable. Asia Market sells fresh produce, particularly ones that are popular in Asian dishes like eggplants and bean sprouts. Aside from fresh vegetables, Asia Market sells fresh seafood as well. Just like a typical grocery store sells prepackaged frozen food, Asia Market sells its food ready to go, like beef tapa, chicken tosino, lumpia and pork skewers. Asia Market also has a small food stand that sells fresh Asian cuisine, like fried shrimp, beef broccoli, chicken chow mein and more.

Carniceria La Carreta (3015 Calloway Drive and 5792 Stine Road)

Carniceria La Carreta is a family owned local meat market and grocery store serving Bakersfield since 1999. It’s a classic Mexican-style butcher shop that offers meat from Harris Ranch. Not only is it a grocery store that specializes in popular Latin products, it’s a full-service butcher shop that sells its meat cut and ready to go for its customers. Carniceria La Carreta also has a small food stand with a menu that sells popular Hispanic cuisines, like tortas, elotes, chilaquiles, burritos, tacos and more.

All India Sweet & Spices (1715 S. Real Road)

Among some of the few Indian grocery stores, All India Sweet & Spices sells everything from fresh produce to Indian health and beauty products. The selection ranges from spices used in just about every Indian dish served and Punjabi snacks like jeera cookies, biscuits and more. All India Sweet & Spices’ tea selection is unlike any other as they offer cardamom chai tea, orange pekoe tea and masala chai tea. 

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