Shannon LaBare

Shannon LaBare

Age: 32

Owner of Purveyor House

In 2007, Shannon LaBare was introduced to a guy from Bakersfield.

“I used to go to Bakersfield,” the Corona, California, native said. “I used to come up to Bakersfield to play soccer. Who would live there?”

That guy ended up being Shannon’s future husband and Bakersfield her future home – one that she would dedicate her talents to serving.

After receiving her degree in small-business management from CSU Bakersfield, Shannon got a job with Bolthouse Farms. But she slowly developed an itch to pursue something that fulfilled her passion for design and marketing as the years went on. When she had her son, Ira, in 2015, she knew she had to make a change.

“It wasn’t fulfilling to me,” she said. “I was working on something I didn’t really have any passion for.”

But there were no jobs that suited her skill set, so she set out to create one herself.

She launched Purveyor House, a branding and marketing company, in 2017.

Purveyor House’s first client was the 17th Place Townhomes, which needed help crafting its marketing message. Shannon’s “loud and proud” approach to a unique way of living in downtown Bakersfield resulted in the complex leasing out all of its units in six months. The original hope was to lease out in one year.

That set off a chain of events that would lead to numerous community centered projects like Second Saturday, Be in Bakersfield and the Hub of Bakersfield.

“We’re hoping that the work that we do creates a new vision and an exciting leap into Bakersfield,” Shannon said. “One of my strengths is I can see the vision in a lot of things. I can see what downtown is going to look like in 10 years. It makes me want to work to actually make that happen. It’d be boring if it was easy.”

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