Jasmin LoBasso

Jasmin LoBasso

Age: 26

Coordinator of marketing and promotions for Kern County Library

Jasmin LoBasso is very proud of her education and her community.

A local product from predominantly local schools, she has a bachelor’s degree in history and master’s degree in business administration from CSU Bakersfield and a master’s degree in library and information science from San Jose State University – a degree she managed to earn while staying local through online courses.

“I was never yearning to leave,” she said. “I’m happy to be here. I love Bakersfield passionately. My only complaint: I wish people had more pride in Bakersfield.”

Jasmin spent a lot of time at the Kern County Library as a kid and as its coordinator of marketing and promotions, she is helping pass the experience on to future generations. Jasmin puts a heavy emphasis on cultivating a more interactive experience at the Kern County Library’s 24 county locations as opposed to a traditional experience of checking out books and being quiet. The message is that you can have fun at the library.

“Our focus is really active learning,” she said. “We’ve got a transformation into a community-centric focus. We have a lot of programming.”

Those programs include events at every branch every day during the summer for two months and expanding the free lunch program from seven branches to 14, in addition to larger events like Hart Park After Dark, which featured spooky stories, night hikes, bike rides, stargazing and more. It’s a modern way of getting people to check out the library and a reminder that the library still plays a vital role in the community.

“Libraries have always been focused on lifelong learning and they’ve always been focused on literacy in the community and those things are incredibly important to us and that’s what we want people to care about,” Jasmin said. “(We want to) make sure people know that the library is still important and wonderful and here.”

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