Analicia Torres

Analicia Torres

Age: 27

Operations manager for the Bakersfield Train Robbers and Wasco Reserves

Analicia Torres didn’t know what she could do in the sports field. After all, her degree from UC Santa Cruz was in politics.

Turns out, she can do just about everything. And she does.

As the operations manager for the Bakersfield Train Robbers and the Wasco Reserves of the Pecos League of Independent Baseball Clubs, she sells sponsorships and tickets, oversees game-day staff, attends league meetings and organizes fundraisers. She’s even scrubbed toilets.

Analicia isn’t a member of the Bakersfield Train Robbers and Wasco Reserves front office. She is the Bakersfield Train Robbers and Wasco Reserves front office.

“Everything you think you probably wouldn’t do, I probably have done it,” she said. “But it’s a lot of fun. I don’t regret it.”

Managing a team in an independent baseball league is drastically different than a minor league team that has the support of its respective MLB owner. The fate of the Bakersfield and Wasco organizations rests solely on Analicia’s shoulders.

“The success and failure definitely falls upon me,” she said, adding that when she went into sports, she thought she would have just one duty.

Many of the tasks associated with the job Analicia had to learn on the fly – mostly on her own given that there are no co-workers in the office to turn to for feedback and advice – but she was quick to learn and up for the challenge. She does, however, have a mentor in longtime Bakersfield Blaze statistician Tim Wheeler.

“He’s been a tremendous help in that aspect,” she said. “But other than that, it’s just been me learning every day. But I love it. You learn from your mistakes. Without mistakes, you can’t grow.”

Ultimately, Analicia hopes to work her way up in the sports industry, her sights set on becoming a general manager in a bigger league, while setting an example for young girls to chase their dreams, even if they are in what are commonly seen as male-dominated fields.

“If the passion is there, the goal is there, there’s no reason you can’t succeed,” she said.

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