1 California approved giving women the right to vote on Oct. 10, 1911. This woman was the first woman to register to vote in Kern County: Sybil Chenoweth

2 Bakersfield is named after this individual: Thomas Baker

4 In 1880, this agricultural product began growing in Tehachapi: Apples

5 This pageant queen became Miss Bakersfield in 2020 and is set to compete for Miss California USA this year: Morayo Olujumu

7 This Filipino fast-food chain restaurant opened its doors in Kern County in Delano in December and will soon have a Bakersfield location: Jollibee

10 Which war saw 7,150 Kern County men enlisting in one day? World War I

12 This Bakersfield resident appeared on the TV show “The Price is Right” this year: Troy Fidis


3 This local business owner owns three different food establishments — Vida Vegan, Camino Real Kitchen and Tequila and Bakersfield Pizza Co.: Alejandro Ocampo

6 The Bakersfield Californian’s publisher Cliff Chandler and executive editor Christine Peterson are from this California city: San Diego

8 According to the National Education Association, National Teacher Day was created through the persistence and leadership of this person: Eleanor Roosevelt

9 Who was Kern County’s first sheriff? William B. Ross

11 Before it was named Oildale, what was this area’s original name? Waits

12 The Southern Pacific Railroad line through the Tehachapi Mountains features this engineering marvel: Tehachapi Loop

13 This is the oldest continually operating community theater in California: Bakersfield Community Theater