The "How Bakersfield are you?" trivia is featured inside Bakersfield Life magazine. 


1 The film "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" shot a scene at this location. The scene consists of Rey and Finn meeting, followed by being chased by First Order troops on Jakku.

Answer: Trona Pinnacles

4 This was the 20th campus to be constructed in the CSU system. 

Answer: CalStateBakersfield

5 Reported in The Bakersfield Californian this year, Kern County saw theft that valued at $20,000 from this product.

Answer: Pomegranates

6 This junior college began classes on Sept. 5, 1922, and its first class consisted of only 10 students.

Answer: Taft College

7 She became the first female pilot and only one of six in the entire state to earn her transport pilot license and led the Bakersfield chapter of the Ninety Nines.

Answer: Achsa Barnwell Peacock

9 The original dormitories at CSUB are named after this popular film series.

Answer: Lord of the Rings

10 This team was established in 1941 before it changed its name to the Bakersfield Blaze.

Answer: Bakersfield Badgers

11 This CSUB geology assistant professor arranged for NASA to send moon rock samples for her students to study.

Answer: Katie OSullivan

12 This local event was named one of the best holiday lights event in the West by the Los Angeles Times in 2016.

Answer: HolidayLights

13 This established championed the Bakersfield Sound, the twangy, feisty, Fender Telecaster-powered country music made famous by the likes of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and many others.

Answer: Trout's Nightclub

 14 This Bakersfield resident was one of the first two students selected to go to Bakersfield’s first sister city, Wakayama, Japan, in 1965.

Answer: John Hefner 


2  This famous foodie spotlighted eight Bakersfield restaurants on the Food Network.

Answer: Guy Fieri

 3  The movie "Herbie: Fully Loaded" shot a scene at this road located in Tehachapi's vast wind farms.

Answer: Oak Creek Road

 8  This was ranked Kern County’s top agricultural product in 2019.

Answer: Almonds

 15  The title of Mae Saunders’ column in The Bakersfield Californian during World War II.

Answer: Sharing Between the Shears

 16  Kern Country produces this product that cars and other products need. 

Answer: Oil

 17  He is a former American football quarterback who played in the NFL and attended Stockdale High School.

Answer: David Carr

 18  This establishment has been family owned and operated since 1909 and makes quality candies, chocolates and ice cream. 

Answer: Dewar’s