This Fresno-based tech hub is building a new building in downtown Bakersfield and expects to hire 500 people to participate in apprenticeships allowing employees to "earn while you learn": Bitwise

This element was discovered along the Kern River and, in 1853, at Greenhorn Gulch on Greenhorn Mountain: Gold

In 1853, geologist William Blake discovered marine vertebrate fossils at this location, as it is known today, along the Kern River: Sharktooth Hill

This individual is credited with growing the area’s first cotton in 1862: Harvey Skiles

What was this town called before its name changed to Kernville in 1864? Whiskey Flat

Where was the first county seat located? Havilah

This Bakersfield school established the Blade Closet, a pantry full of hygiene products, toiletries and clothing: East Bakersfield High School

Other than being the owner of Sweet Tree Farms, what other business does Annie Florendo own? Dagnys Coffee Co

Where was the first commercial vineyard established in Kern County? Delano

What was the name of The Bakersfield Californian before Alfred Harrell purchased it in 1897? The Daily Californian

What was the first free library in Kern County? Beale Memorial Library

The first automobile garage in Bakersfield opened in 1906 by this individual: E.J. Erb

What bakery was established in 1945 by Howard Smith and Roy Balmain? Smith’s Bakeries

This education leader was a well-liked and respected member of the community. In 1952, she ran as a Democratic candidate for the state’s 38th Assembly District. She also has a building named after her at Cal State Bakersfield: Dorothy Donahoe

On Feb. 10, 1971, this medical transportation provider, which would later become the largest in Kern County, was established by Harvey L. Hall: Hall Ambulance