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Ice cream sandwich from Aunt Mae's Sweet Tooth. 

Feeling a craving for something sweet this summer? When you walk into Aunt Mae's Sweet Tooth downtown, it's like walking into a literal candy shop. Every turn you take is a new sweet you want to try. Featured on their menu is a bacon toffee that includes small bits of applewood bacon, Aunt Mae's gourmet toffee with milk chocolate and chopped almonds. At first bite, the toffee was soft and chewy while the bacon combined with the chocolate produced a savory flavor. 

The real reason I made a stop to Aunt Mae's was to taste their ice cream sandwich. In between two soft snickerdoodle cookies is ice cream made by Rosemary's Family Creamery and chunks of English toffee spread around its edges. It's a perfect summertime treat! 

Not only do they serve up toffee, but also a variety of sweets, such as candy apples, rice crispy treats, fudge and nuts. 

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