Succulent Wreath Workshop

House of Flowers co-owner Amanda Klawitter puts together a wreath using various succulents to demonstrate what guests can experience during its succulent wreath workshop June 6.

Summer has arrived and so has the season for new, creative styles for home decor.

As the temperature increases, garden decor seems almost impossible. However, House of Flowers’ succulent wreath workshop seeks to provide a hands-on opportunity for participants to introduce a splash of color to their homes that can weather the Bakersfield heat.

One of the last workshops of the spring series, the June 6 succulent wreath workshop creates beautiful, long-lasting pieces for one’s home.

For the last six years, House of Flowers has hosted up to four workshops each month to connect with its community and customers. With their workshops lasting up to two hours, it is a time to hang with friends and learn a new skill.

“It’s a time to disconnect from everything and reconnect with each other,” co-owner Amanda Klawitter said.

The inspiration that came for the succulent wreath workshop was the dreaded question Klawitter and others have wondered: “Do we suffer and not decorate at all or adjust to the weather?”

Succulents are a desert-native plant, allowing them to be hardier in the heat. Each succulent holds water in its leaves that makes it more durable and long-lasting during the summer in Bakersfield. There are hundreds of succulent types, each with their own names.

During the workshop, House of Flowers’ employees will be teaching the proper way to care for succulents. They will instruct guests on how to create a wreath with succulents, dried flowers and how to personalize it to their own liking.

The workshop is located at the House of Flowers, 1611 19th St., and will begin at 6 p.m.

Limited tickets are being sold at $55. Other upcoming June events from the House of Flowers include the moody floral workshop on June 1, a class for advanced designers taking a twist from Dutch masters, and the bonsai Zen workshop on June 14, where you can create a gift for Father’s Day or even take the class together. To purchase tickets, visit

The House of Flowers also hosts live music and art shows during First Fridays and Second Saturdays.

“We are all about the experience here; the connection with our customers means everything to us,” Klawitter said. 

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