Sarena Hess

Sarena Hess

Is age really just a number?

Why does the mom give up on her dreams after she has kids? Why does grandpa say I’m too old to do anything about it now? Why is it that high schoolers think they cannot make a difference? Why did I get so much backlash when I was planning my wedding as a teenager?

The answer is the same – age.

Age is a tricky, double-edged sword. The young think that they will never be taken seriously because they don’t have credibility, while the more mature refuse to let themselves think about those dusty dreams that they had because “their time has passed.” Can’t teach an old dog new tricks is the saying, right?

When I was 19, I got married. Along the way of planning my wedding I received comments like, “You are ruining your life,” to even nicer remarks like, “Don’t worry, you’ll be divorced before the year is up.” Didn’t matter whether it was a friend, family or stranger, I received a handful of comments from people who seemed to know how to live my life better than me. And despite the encouraging remarks, I decided to do it anyway.

One thing I take very seriously is following the pursuit of your own respective dream. I believe that every person on this earth has something inside of him or her. A cause, a talent, a skill or service that resonates with their heart that desires to be developed. Now, I’m not sure what that is for you specifically, whether you’ve decided to create the best life for your family or you have a secret dream to one day write a book or there is a spark to open a restaurant and have your meals tasted by the whole city.

My argument is this: Age doesn’t matter. Your mind does. While there are some very valid reasons as to “why not,” one of the best quotes on the topic is this: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” (Henry Ford)

Your mind is the most valuable asset that is in your possession. And it’s your responsibility to nourish it.

My challenge to you today, friend, is to take your “thing” more seriously. You are not too young to make a difference. You are not old and forgotten. You are not just a wife, employee, mom, number. You have unique talents and skill sets and you have the opportunity to make the world better.

Every minute you are on this earth you have the opportunity to leave an impact. In the same way that a small rock thrown into lake ripples out, so is it that your actions ripple out to the community around you, affecting people in your life to be inspired as well.

By the way, my husband and I are coming up on our four-year wedding anniversary and he is still my best friend. I know it’s not much compared to some, but at least we proved the mean remarks wrong. 

Sarena Hess is a confidence coach for women and motivational speaker. She is also the creator of a podcast called “Women For Greatness,” which highlights female entrepreneurs’ stories, from trial to triumph, on her website, The views expressed are her own.

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