Upon entrance to Krush Bar and Restaurant, guests will immediately notice the establishment is doing things differently, in a good way. An elegant spot hidden away on Coffee Road, the bar mirrors that of an old speakeasy you might expect a movie star like Humphrey Bogart to waltz into.

In 2015, owner Lisa Tucker’s original vision was to open a wine bar. For the gentlemen of Bakersfield, she included beer and ultimately became licensed for liquor. She was then approached by a local chef who told her that if she was going to serve wine and beer, she needed to serve food. That’s what she did, for a time.

“So I opened an entire restaurant, which subsequently closed and moved,” said Tucker of their current location.

This location is still relatively new to the dining scene. But it’s more than just a spot to dine or drink. There’s an educational piece to learn the wine pairings with each meal. Pairing nights are hosted by Krush monthly. Live music featuring local acts is also important to Tucker, with acts including Monty Byrom, Becky Aguilar, Joe Peters and more.

Everything on the menu is freshly made in the kitchen — farm-to-table style from fish and steak to the produce. Chef Richard Holguin always finds and tracks down the very best ingredients and meats. 

“Let me tell you the secret of a chef, a true chef, and Ricky does it all the time and doesn’t realize it. When a chef serves food to a guest, he watches and they might walk through that window and you don't even know he's watching, he's waiting for you to take that first bite,” said Tucker. “When you take that first bite, that look on your face is going to tell him everything he needs to know,” Tucker added.

Being a restaurant and wine bar owner is not Tucker’s full-time gig. She also owns a property management company, is a United States tax court practitioner and is a real estate broker. But Krush is her passion.

Any challenges she faced in the business, she did with the support of her friends. She has the right people around to help her in areas of their expertise, such as interior design and construction.

“I would encourage everybody, especially women, to pursue anything you’re passionate about. Don’t let anything hold you down or back,” said Tucker.

And with that — Let’s talk about food!


The 12-ounce ribeye is tender and juicy to the last bite. Creamy, buttery mashed potatoes and a vegetable medley of summer squash, carrots and broccoli, with a pop of red bell pepper, are served alongside the meat.

The key to savoring the flavors of the ribeye and the wine is: bite, sip, bite. Take a bite of food, sip a few drops of wine, then take another bite of food. It will change the experience altogether.

Blueberry Cognac Crumble

This sweet berry dessert contains mixed berry puree, topped with vanilla bean ice cream and powdered sugar for the finish. A port wine pairs well with this dessert to make the sweetness of the dessert stand out.

Dining at Krush Bar and Restaurant is an experience not to be rushed, but one that should linger for the duration of an evening.

These might be the items we recommend, but visit their website, http://www.krushbar.com/, for the complete menu or visit for yourself.