If you’re looking for a new spot for lunch or dinner, stop by the Blue Table restaurant on Coffee Road. Although it exudes more of a casual feel, with just a few tables indoors, the authentic Thai dishes are something out of a fine-dining experience with better prices than a typical sit-down spot. The plates are light and refreshing.


Start your experience with a light appetizer. We suggest the potstickers, filled with chicken, flavorful and filling, covered in a Panang curry sauce. Many times with potstickers, the meat doesn’t have much flavor, but that is not the case with these. There is also a vegan option with a vegetable filling should customers desire.

A cup or hot pot of wonton soup is also a great starter or side for your meal, hearty and satisfying with wontons, cabbage, and broth that will leave you wanting more.

In the morning, customers can also anticipate a side salad with their meal, topped with a sweet dressing and cherry tomatoes, cabbage and carrots.

Main dishes

There is no shortage of soups, salads, rice and noodles, or signature dishes, no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Papaya Salad: A refreshing option for a warmer day, this salad consists of green shredded papaya with green beans, tomatoes and garlic, topped with grilled shrimp. It definitely has a spice to it, but it kicks in once you’ve had a chance to savor its taste.

Grilled beef salad: While it might look like a fairly traditional salad, the grilled beef takes it to another level with a spicy, zesty flavor featuring chili flakes on top. However, it isn’t spicy just for the sake of it, it’s a kick that blends well overall.

There are seafood dishes aplenty on the Blue Table menu, including the Seafood Choo Chee, with shrimp, green beans, broccoli, carrots and mussels, topped with a spicy red curry and kaffir lime leaves.

Another option is the sizzling seafood plate, which is a medley of seafood, from shrimp and squid to scallops in a bed of Thai herbs and spices.

The dishes also come with a choice of rice, including white jasmine, sticky, sweet or brown.


If you’re interested in kicking up the spice to your meal, Blue Table provides an assortment of sauces on a small plate, ranging from chile flakes in fish oil, another sauce with more of a tomato base, chile flakes and jalapeños, along with packets of Sriracha and Kimlani sauces.


Whether you’d like a sweeter drink to go along with your meal, like the Thai iced tea, or an afternoon pick-me-up just before you leave with the Thai iced coffee, these beverages are a must when visiting Blue Table. Add Boba to either drink for a bit more texture.


There are a few classic dessert options, such as the crème brûlée or cheesecake, but Thai Sweet Sticky Rice with mango is an excellent choice to keep within the authentic cuisine. The Thai sticky rice is cooked and arrives still warm on the plate, topped with coconut milk and sugar, alongside mango slices. It’s the perfect finish to the meal, and a nice contrast between the warm rice and coolness of the mangos.


The menu at Blue Table also features vegetarian options, such as the mango mock chicken, spicy eggplant, spicy basil tofu and more.

Lunch portions are served Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Those come with a choice of chicken, pork, tofu, veggie, mock chicken, beef, shrimp or seafood, paired with a choice of jasmine or brown rice, served with the salad and a crispy spring roll.

If you prefer not to go with a complete meal, there are a la carte options on the menu, too.

From the presentation of the plates and silverware, to the peaceful and zen decor inside, it’s a great spot for conversation and delicious food. The staff is lovely, friendly and very accommodating.

For more information or to view the complete menu, visit BlueTableCA.com.