Bakersfield Sound Co.

Bakersfield Sound Co. co-owners Thomas Freckleton, left, and Drew Martin

Improving the musical culture in town and encouraging more people to play was the inspiration behind Bakersfield Sound Co.

Co-owner Drew Martin hopes to inspire the community and to make a change.

Martin, and his business partner, Thomas Freckleton bring decades of experience to the music store located at 10715 Rosedale Highway.

The new business owners started out as employees of Guitar Center and immediately became fast friends – with a sense that they would make a difference for the future of music.

“We knew we wanted to own something and be our own boss, but we didn’t know it would be a music store,” said Freckleton, who also plays bass and sings vocals for metalcore band Silent Planet.

The choice to take on ownership was quick, going from a 10-year-old plan to a three-week decision to commit.

“It just feels like divine intervention that God’s like, ‘This store belongs to you guys and we’re going to keep you around for a purpose,’” said Martin, who’s the worship leader at Discovery Church.

Martin reflects back to a tragedy that nearly cost the life of Freckleton.

“He should be dead,” Martin said.

One evening, five years ago, what started as an easy bike ride to a friend’s house turned into shattered bones and a very real possibility of being paralyzed. Freckleton rode his bike on Hageman Road at 9 o’clock at night and woke up to an officer informing him that he was just hit by a vehicle going 65 miles per hour, pushing him forward 165 feet into the air.

The doctors told Freckleton that he wouldn’t walk for six months, but his love and drive for music had this traveling musician walking at two months and back on tour in five.

“I’m a very determined person,” said Freckleton.

A real moment that drew the two to a brotherhood.

“Music is our life,” said Martin. “We’re musicians.”

“We want our community to know that we’re here, to know we’ll help them,” added Freckleton. “Bakersfield is in our name; we’re just about the community.”

Info Box

Bakersfield Sound Co. will host a grand opening celebration April 6, from 2 to 6 p.m. featuring live music, food trucks raffle prizes, ribbon-cutting and more. There will be a chance to win a new guitar and the first 50 customers will receive free tacos. For more information, follow Bakersfield Sound Co. on Facebook and Instagram @bakersfieldsoundco.

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