Anna Marie Frank

Anna Marie Frank

Love is a universal emotion, yet the language of love can differ from the love we show our partners, families and friends and the love we show for ourselves. Our hearts long for connection with others but for our hearts to be able to fully love, we must not forget to love the very person reading this.

Loving ourselves comes from not just a thought of “self-love” but from many little actions, many of which can be turned into habits. These actions will fill your heart and expand your happiness that then radiates out into the world. Like attracts like. If you have love in your heart and truly love yourself then you are better able to truly love others.

So what does loving oneself consist of? How do we love ourselves? We must take action and bring love and awareness to all aspects of our lives!

We must fill ourselves with lovable thoughts, actions and things.

Take into account the music you listen to. Is it positive and uplifting? How about the conversations you partake in. Are they positive, productive and friendly? What about your sight? What are you looking at, paying attention to, watching? Do you look for beauty all around you — appreciate the tree that gives you oxygen, the flowers that give color to your home? What are you taking in with your sight? How about your sense of smell? Do you take the time to smell the roses? Or even just appreciating the smell of a good home-cooked meal you made? Which brings me to taste. What are you eating? What are you nourishing your body with? Real home-cooked, whole nutritious foods? Now, what about how you move your body? How you go about your day? Do you stretch, do you walk, do you run, do you lift weights, do you utilize every element of your body in a positive way?

The truth is when we take care of our whole self, our love becomes more powerful so we can love more of ourselves and share the love with others. This causes a ripple effect and your love will be spread out for others to feel. And when we take care of our whole self, we are actually protecting our hearts.

Our hearts are amazing organs that beat for us every single day. Our hearts do not ask for much in return except for us to take care of the very vessel that they live in. Respecting your body and respecting your emotions allows your heart to beat freely without stress.

Enjoy this wonderful heart health month and month full of love, but do not forget to love yourself first and take care of YOU. Remember, you are the only you there is on planet Earth and the only you that will ever be on planet Earth. You are special and it is time you start filling yourself up with love, so you can thrive and enjoy all the health and happiness you and your loved ones deserve. 

Anna Marie Frank is a brain health and wellness expert, author, lecturer and human-potential coach. The views expressed are her own.

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