Anna Marie Frank

Anna Marie Frank is a doctor of naturopathy. 

As we take down the holiday decor and shift into the high vibes of another new year, you may be asking yourself: “What is it that I truly want out of 2022?” Or you may be dwelling on the things you can’t control, such as the economy, the COVID pandemic, or the fact that your neighbor’s Christmas lights are still up. My hope is you are asking questions versus dwelling on the things you can’t control.

Every New Year there is a major push with weight loss and getting fit. While these are two great goals, I believe there is something much deeper and more powerful than being fit and losing weight. Now, as I type this, I must add that you can have it all — the weight loss, the fitness. But I also believe you need all of the following to truly be happy and fit.

First, you must speak about your world differently in 2022 than you have spoken about it in previous years. Second, you must view your world differently than you have in previous years. And third, you must call in what it is you truly want out of this life and take action.

We are not promised tomorrow or the whole year of 2022. All we have is this moment. It is within each moment of how you speak to yourself, to others, and how you view yourself and others, that over time you can start to make a shift toward the life you want. For example: If your thought process sounds something like: "My job is so hard. Being married is so hard. Having kids is so hard." This is false. Not having these is hard! We must start to shift how we think. Instead of saying, "I am fat and I need to lose weight,” say, “My body is a wellness machine.” Instead of looking at fit people and feeling ashamed of your body, look to fit people as an appreciation for how all our bodies are different.

It is not the weight loss or the getting fit that will change you every moment of 2022. It is going to be the process of shifting your mindset and viewing your reality that will change you. Many people say they want to change, but they are not willing to shift each moment that they are given to make the adjustments necessary.

For you to truly get what you want out of 2022, you must remove the blocking and limiting beliefs that plague your thoughts and how you view your world. You must rewrite your belief system to one that serves your highest interest. You must shatter the glass ceiling you have placed over yourself.

So as you dive into 2022, ask yourself: “What is it that I truly want?” Then ask yourself: “What beliefs get in my way of this?” Once you have identified your limiting beliefs, you must program over them with new thoughts and a new view that allows you to see and feel as if what you truly want is already here. Remember, everything you want is because of how it will make you feel, but what if you choose to feel that way anyway? If you can do this, you have already won! If you need help with this process, reach out to us at Happy Whole You. Happy New Year!

Anna Marie Frank is a brain health expert, a worksite wellness specialist, published author, lecturer, business owner and mother of two thriving children. Follow her @HappyWholeYou on Instagram and Facebook for information on how you can become your best self.