With many people now working from home or in isolation due to the spread of the coronavirus, there will be a time where your family will be bored senseless. These times of social distancing are perfect for exploring one’s creative side.

Give the following DIY project a try!

Things you’ll need for pompom flowers:

  • Pompom maker (or a fork as a substitute)
  • Sticks
  • Yarn of choice
  • A vase
  1. Start with winding the yarn around both ends of the pompom maker.
  2. Once the yarn is covered on both ends, cut the yarn down the middle of the pompom maker.
  3. After it’s cut, cut a long string of yarn and create a tie down the middle of the pompom maker.
  4. When the tie is created, remove the pompom from the maker and shape to its finishing form.You can either glue the stick on one end of the pompom or poke a stick through it, creating a pompom flower.
  5. Make a few different sizes and colors to create an arrangement and pair it with a vase.

Things you’ll need for a pompom tassel wall hanging:

  • Yarn
  • A stick or a pipe to act as a base
  • A rectangular object to create the tassels
  • A pompom maker
  1. Create as many tassels as the project needs. Cut a piece of yarn and lay it horizontally on one end of the object.
  2. Hold the strand down, then start wrapping the yarn around the rectangular object about 20 times — the number of times wrapped around the object varies based on how thick you want the tassel to be.
  3. Tie each end into a knot to secure the yarn.
  4. Cut the yarn from the opposite end of the one yarn strand.
  5. Then cut another piece of yarn to create another tie to make a tassel. Repeat the process until have made several tassels for the project. 
  6. Make a few pompoms (it's optional to create different sizes and colors). See pom-pom flowers for instructions on pompom making. 
  7. Tie pompoms and tassels to the wooden stick. Once its finished, cut two pieces of yarn, then tie one piece on each end to create a triangle. When the triangle is created, tie its end and hang on the wall for decoration.

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