Overcom(h)er Conference

The Overcom(h)er Conference seeks to empower women in all facets of their lives, helping women gain the skills, confidence and the realistic expectations to be successful leaders in their community, in their families and in their businesses. 

Women are at no loss of accomplishments throughout history. At the same time, each influential woman required a spark of inspiration and support to begin the process of becoming a positive force for good.

For example, Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, led a staff of volunteers to treat wounded soldiers while also changing the entire field of clinical medicine by proving that more were dying from poor sanitation than traumatic injuries. The mother-daughter team of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Meyers created the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator that Fortune 500 companies still use today for management and human resources.

For the women of Bakersfield, the spark of inspiration can be found at the Overcom(h)er Conference Nov. 3 at the Stockdale Country Club.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women in all facets of their lives, founders Rainee Browder and Jade Thomasy are helping women gain the skills, confidence and the realistic expectations to be successful leaders in their community, in their families and in their businesses.

“Women are amazing, and if they are given the right tools and support, they can do absolutely anything they set their minds to,” said Browder. “We want to see more women pursuing their dreams, living in their confidence, showing their resiliency and changing the world – just because they can.”

Speakers and breakout sessions are lined up with the specific purpose of teaching women how to harness their confidence, run businesses and more, all while learning in a group setting that is supportive and real.

“We pretty much Instagram-stalked every (speaker) for months before asking them to get involved in the conference,” said Browder. “Even the ones that were our friends. We had to make sure every person we brought in shared our philosophy and understood the message we wanted to convey.”

Browder and Thomasy both agree that no one journey is perfect and free from self-doubt and the duo actively works to build a support network of empowered women who empower others.

“We’ve both failed many times and, unfortunately, the culture surrounding failure isn’t very supportive,” said Browder. “We want women to embrace who they are and what value they bring to the table along with all of their failures. … We want to build women up, give them the tools they need to go after their dreams and create a community of women truly supporting other women because there isn’t enough of that.” 

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