Grab some friends and get ready to explore the streets of downtown Bakersfield in a unique way as the Bakersfield Amazing Race returns on March 28 at Wall Street Alley.

The Bakersfield Amazing Race is a scavenger hunt with not only a 5K run but an obstacle course and trivia challenges as well. Stewards Operations and Outreach Manager Nick Gonzalez said participants don’t have to be the fastest or strongest to compete and it is open to a variety of people looking for fun.

The event will raise money for Stewards, a local nonprofit that helps vulnerable people in Kern County by advocating for homelessness prevention through connection to social services, resources and acting as an appointed representative payee service.

Gonzalez said many of their clients are elderly, disabled or mental health patients who receive social security benefits and need help managing their money to live a stable life.

All proceeds raised by the event will go back to Stewards so they can continue their mission to help their clients navigate their lives by staying off the streets, meeting their basic needs and planning for a bright future.

The Bakersfield Amazing Race will consist of a race, a costume contest, and an Instagram and Facebook contest, where the best photo wins a prize. Gonzalez said the event usually has over 100 racers that will split up into teams of two to four. Those teams will receive a set of 12 clues that they have to solve and perform different challenges all throughout the downtown area.

Gonzalez hopes the Bakersfield Amazing Race continues to grow and wants people to see the value in it by not only bringing the community together but supporting a good cause.

“It blends so many things together, like health, wellness and exercise but also using your brain. You have to be smart to win this race,” he said. “It’s a good team-building exercise.”

People interested in registering for the race can do so at Registration is $20–$55 per person. The opening ceremony begins at 9 a.m. and the race begins at 9:30 a.m.

Gonzalez said participants can expect fun, adventure and a lot of physical activity. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes, study the downtown area and study pop culture references.

“Mental reps are key to winning this race. Most importantly, be creative, whether it’s for your costume or for your strategy to win,” he said. 

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