Metro Galleries

Metro Galleries has a reputation for exhibiting paintings, sculptures, pottery and mixed media works. The gallery represents artists who are from California and the west coast.

Bakersfield Museum of Art (file art)

The museum first began as the Cunningham Memorial Art Gallery in 1956. Upon the completion of the gallery in 1990, it was given to the City with the name changed to Bakersfield Museum of Art.

Rio acai bowls (mural)

Artist Jennifer Williams-Cordova created a vibrant mural outside of Rio Acai Bowls downtown location to showcase the power of public art.

Arts Council of Kern

Founded in 1976, the organization promotes and supports the arts in Kern County through advocacy, education and technical assistance to local arts organizations.

  • Locale Farm to Table Eatery (mural) / Hub of Bakersfield (mural)

Graffiti wall @ Gutherie’s Alley Cat (mural)

Front Porch Music (mural)

Artists Al Mendez and Sebastian Muralles painted a three-part mural called “3 Guitars” near H and 19th st.

20th and Eye Street parking lot

A series of murals at 20th and Eye streets was painted throughout several years by local artist Tom “Zak” Zachary.

The Kitchen (mural)

“Don’t Mind Me” mural is painted by a Los Angeles street artist called Bumblebeelovesyou.

Red Wing Shoe building (mural)

  • Cesar Chavez (mural)

Artist Andr{span}é{/span}s Petroselli created this masterpiece outside on Wall and 18th st. Cobre wanted to spray paint a portrait of Cesar Chavez because of his impact in Bakersfield, farmers and immigrants, according to an article on the Eyewitness News website.

Ovation Theatre (Jordan)

Stars Theatre

The theatre was once known as the Bakersfield Civic Light Opera in 1969. And in 1989, BMT opened what is now the dinner theatre, which provides a full dinner service and entertainment.

  • The Idea Hive mural


CSUB Koi Pond area (mural)

Near the koi pond at CSUB will appear a mural painted across the wall. The artist is CSUB Alumni Josiah Ihem, who created the mural to represent how different majors interact with each other.

  • CSUB sculptures – library sculptures

Todd Madigan Art Gallery (file art)

CSUB’s gallery acts as a beacon in its community, bringing artists and curators together to the campus to share and exchange ideas.


Bakersfield Community Theatre

As one of the oldest community theatre’s in California, the Bakersfield Community Theatre still attracts many locals for a fun night in the city.

The Empty Space

Not only does The Empty Space serve as a theater to see many local productions, but it’s also a gallery exhibit.

Project Oh!

Project Oh! provides a resource for artists to share their works of art all while creating, collaborating and challenging their innovative efforts to engage the Bakersfield community.


Gaslight Melodrama Theatre

The old-time theater is a family owned business where all productions are based in the Kern County area.

  • The Apricot Door mural (9925 Rosedale Highway)

Artist Beth Cheney helps The Apricot Door owner Jana’e Hulsey create a mural. Hulsey wanted public art to be displayed in the Rosedale area.


Panorama Park (electric box art)

  • David Nelson Pocket Park mural

In memory of Bakersfield police officer David Nelson, the park and mural was created for the children of east Bakersfield to gather.

The BLVD mural

Artist Arlin Graff focuses on animals as a theme for his works of art. The kit fox mural can be found between The BLVD and Temblor Brewing

Bakersfield arch

The sign was originally constructed in 1949 and stood over Union Ave but in the late 1990s, due to wear, the sign was demolished and removed. Now known as one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, the sign is now located next to Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace.

Jone’s Art Gallery

The Wylie and May Louise Jones Gallery is located inside the Grace Van Dyke Bird Library at Bakersfield College. The gallery offers exhibitions throughout the year to showcase diverse views of visual arts for the campus community.

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