Chris Thornburgh

Absent a “get rich quick” scheme, it takes hard work to amass wealth. Assuming that you didn’t win the lottery, you are probably on the same path as the rest of us. Did you know that your personality traits have a strong influence on your finances and your chances of building wealth? You may find that some of your personality traits are more desirable than others.

Fast-track your financial prosperity by taking a cue from successful folks who share these common traits and behaviors.


In an age of immediate gratification, your willpower can make or break you. It is arguably one of the most powerful influences on your finances, among other aspects in your life. At its essence, willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals. Whether your goal is to build your savings account, buy a house, lose weight or kick a habit, willpower is critical to achieving that outcome.


Patience goes hand in hand with willpower and is an important trait when it comes to saving money. Patience is often the difference between building your savings versus debt. It may mean waiting until you can fit your “wants” into your budget instead of racking up credit card balances. When we lack patience, we are unable to delay gratification, which can lead to frustration. Frustration can lead to quitting.


For the most part, financially smart folks don’t care what other people think. Peer pressure is not an issue when others go into debt beyond their budget to purchase lavish homes, over-the-top cars and exotic vacations. Confidence is knowing that you are doing what is right for you despite what others think.


Let’s face it – everyone makes financial mistakes. Successful people fail and fail multiple times, but they bounce back from failure stronger than before. When things don’t go right, resilience is key. They meet the challenge, take action and move on rather than dwelling in self-pity and depression.


You are your most valuable asset. The curiosity of continuously learning and improving yourself will drive success. Your career path is important, but it is your passion that will take you to the top. Educate yourself in your chosen field and work to be the very best.


The power of positivity is key to accomplishing goals. Optimism helps us see new opportunities to improve the future. Without optimism, you are unlikely to step up and make a change.


There really isn’t a magic formula for building effortless wealth. Sure, there are smarter ways than others, but it really boils down to plain hard work. Many people are quick to walk away from anything that becomes challenging or confusing. The best things in life typically only come with significant effort.


There is a certain amount of risk involved in building wealth. You can opt to save money the safe way (savings accounts, CDs, etc.), which may not keep up with inflation. The most effective way to put your money to work is to invest it in the stock market, real estate or other ventures. All of these options carry risk, so it’s important to do your homework. This is where a calculated risk-taker is likely to succeed. They do their homework and are usually in it for the long haul, not instant gratification.

The bottom line

You may not have all of these personality traits or behaviors – few folks do. Yet knowing your tendencies can help you make changes where you fall short. By taking on these traits, you have the ability to successfully boost your income and financial net worth. 

Chris Thornburgh is a CPA and partner at Brown Armstrong Accountancy Corp. Contact her at or 661-324-4971. The views expressed are her own.

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