Ming Plaza, just west of Highway 99, is slowly becoming a mecca for delicious ethnic cuisine.

Already home to Indian, Mexican and Greek eateries, the newest player to enter the field is Vietnamese fusion restaurant Rolls and Grill. Named after its selection of spring rolls and entrées cooked on the grill, the menu boasts a variety of fresh, healthy options void of deep-fried, stir-fried, greasy items.

There is a heavy emphasis on quality, as everything is made to order and all the sauces are prepared in-house, from the marinade to the chili oil.

Loan Nguyen, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Danh, boasts a menu that stems from her love of cooking, her original recipes perfected over the years spent in the kitchen. The Vietnamese influence is prevalent in the restaurant’s spring rolls, bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwiches) and pho, but Rolls and Grill also offers dishes from other Asian cuisines, such as kalbi (Korean barbecue) and poke bowls. They also serve a variety of beverages, such as Thai tea, passion fruit drinks and French-filtered coffee.

Constantly looking to provide more options to customers, Loan said new items, like pan-seared salmon with mango salsa and rice, may be added to the menu.

Kalbi Bowl ($13.45):

This remarkable dish features a stack of Korean barbecue ribs, white rice and a salad. Rolls and Grill marinades the meats overnight in their own blend, which is not as sugary as its Korean counterpart. There is no need for sauce here as the flavor of the marinade is enhanced on the grill with the meat receiving just the right amount of char. The beef is tender, sweet and juicy, complemented by a light saltiness, and easily falls off the bone. It’s no surprise that this is a customer favorite.

Grilled Pork Bánh Mì ($6.45):

On the outside, a bánh mì looks like a typical hoagie. But what’s inside the lightly toasted French roll is a combination of ingredients that creates a different flavor profile not found in your average sandwich. The mixture of pickled carrots and daikon, onion, jalapeño, housemade mayo and pork is subtly sweet with a nice kick at the end. It’s an extremely satisfying sandwich that tastes healthy and fresh because it is healthy and fresh. It pairs very well with one of the nine different types of spring rolls offered – a welcome substitute to the standard fries or chips.

Rolls and Grill is a breath of fresh air in the local dining scene with all of its items on the lighter and healthier side of the spectrum. You won’t have to struggle to find something that is friendly to your diet and waistline, proving that you can eat healthy without sacrificing quality and flavor.