There’s a lot to love about a restaurant that doesn’t beat around the bush.

When you hear a name like Crab In A Bag, there are no questions surrounding what they serve and how they serve it. They literally deliver delicious crab legs in a bag.

It all started when owner Carlos Peña visited a Vietnamese community between Houston and Beaumont, Texas, during his time in the Army and saw a customer at a local restaurant carrying a bag of crawfish covered in Cajun sauce that looked so good, he had to try it for himself. Once he did, he was hooked.

But he was never able to find another restaurant that featured the same type of food, so he began experimenting in his own kitchen in an attempt to replicate the dishes, particularly the sauce. When he finally succeeded, he began serving the dish at family get-togethers and parties. That’s when Peña’s sister said it was time he opened up his own restaurant.

Crab In A Bag debuted in April 28, 2016, serving up Cajun-inspired seafood, such as crab, crawfish, shrimp, clams, mussels, cod and catfish; clam chowder made in-house; and, of course, gumbo.

Crab In A Bag (market value):

Sold per pound, this meal can be as crab-filled as you want.

While the crab is cooked in a traditional Cajun boil, then covered in sauce and delivered in a bag ready to eat, exercising a little patience and letting it sit and marinade is well worth the wait as the steam infuses more flavor into the bag’s contents.

On its own, the crab is sweet and tender and is perfectly accented by the Cajun sauce, which adds contrast with a bit of spiciness. A proverbial cherry on top, the sauce mixes well with the other items in the bag, which consist of four pieces of sausage, corn on the cob and a potato.

Fish and Chips ($12.99):

Eight ounces of fish beer-battered with Cajun seasoning is placed on top of a bed of golden-brown fries. The fish is moist and light and the crispy coating clings nicely to the creamy homemade tartar sauce when dipped. The Cajun spices on the fries are a nice change of pace to the usual pinch of salt and the cook is perfect – crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Unlike most restaurants, Crab In A Bag is something that goes beyond merely sitting down and enjoying a great meal. It’s a social experience that encourages sharing and camaraderie that makes eating fun as you tackle your food with gloves, bibs and a lot of napkins. 

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