I stood outside of the hospital entrance for what felt like forever to pick up my mom from her first surgery at the beginning of her journey with newly diagnosed breast cancer. The day was long, and hospital staff locating a vacant wheelchair was all that stood in the way of me reclaiming my momma.

When they finally brought her to me, I realized I had never in all my life been so relieved and happy to see her. We got her settled into the car and began a slow and careful 20 minute ride back to her house, and we talked about the day.

We decided it was best to get her home and comfortable while I got her prescriptions filled, so that is what we did. As I approached the pharmacy tech to give her my mom's info, I began to cry as I told her why I was filling it for her. The ride back to her home was just long enough to have a cry and to reflect before seeing her again.

I was reminded of just how blessed I am to have her in my life. She is an amazing mom, very caring and selfless in countless ways. And after years of caring for my brother and me, her husband and grandchildren, it is now time to heal, rest and allow us to care for her.

My mom cares for us as only she can, with all that she is. In my childhood, she worked full time while raising us and cared for the home. On weekends, we cleaned and shopped together and went to church almost every Sunday. She was also an assistant coach on my soccer team. She supported me when I sang in the school choir and taught me to drive a stick shift.

She had the strength to discipline me and required me to do things I didn't want to do, like keep my room tidy, a nearly impossible task. She taught me to respect my elders, be kind and strive to be a hard-working and honest person.

She also knew when to let me fail. In my later high school years, I bombed some of my classes. After spending my summer retaking those classes, I learned to push myself, earning a 3.85 graduating GPA.

There are countless ways my mom has been there for me over the years. No matter what trials she or I have faced, her example is to always trust in God. She has loved and forgiven me, prayed for me and supported me.

And so, as we celebrate our moms and rejoice in the privilege of being someone's mom, I want to give a special shout-out to my mom, Jeannette Foster. I thank you! Although I cannot fully repay your motherly care for me, I'd like to honor you by sharing your unconditional love with others. I'll propose to be an example of God's strength. And to always love and support my kids.

The opinions expressed in this column are those of Jessica Jones.