If you are wishing away all the countless cooking and endless cleaning, and find that you feel worn down by the monotony of routine, you might need a little more creativity in your life. You are not alone if you are sick and tired of boredom.

As I adjust to my "new normal," I find myself craving more than a new show or good book. I don't mean commitments, work, possessions or shopping trips. I'm talking about the daily infusion of beauty, simplicity and creativity.

Some of my favorite childhood memories were listening to my dad play his guitar, watching my brother marching in his school band, hearing him practicing his drums and learning to sew alongside my mom. I may not love sewing now, but I do love to create, most likely because I came from a creative home.

The day that I met my husband, he was playing guitar at a church picnic. Through the years, I have enjoyed seeing his creativity unfold in various forms. I still enjoy watching him create websites and logos for local businesses and our church.

Bakersfield is alive with creativity. In our extended families alone (they almost all live here), we have entrepreneurs, musicians, housewives, fashionistas, furniture makers and flippers, theater performers, artists, decorators, crafters and those with green thumbs. They all inspire me.

So, to pass on that inspiration to you, dear readers, and to keep your boredom blues away, I have compiled a list of ideas to help. If you like these ideas and come up with your own, try posting a list wherever you need so it is visible and accessible — like a reminder.

Try making a new recipe once or twice a week. Or modify some of your go-to family favorites. Bake a large batch of cookies and give them to loved ones. Have smores around the fire pit.

Plant a vegetable or herb garden. Design a whimsical fairy garden, or create beautiful new flower arrangements. Add potted succulents to your front entryway, or a backyard table. Add oxygen boosting and cleansing plants to your bedrooms.

Make homemade bath salts, bath bombs or soap. Learn how to make jewelry or pottery. Frame your favorite photos and give them to loved ones or put together a photo scrapbook. Create themed gift baskets for birthdays and other special occasions. Put together food and hygiene bags for the homeless.

Make new playlists of fun, upbeat songs and try new activities like hiking, biking, frisbee golf, volleyball, rollerblading, tennis, golf and soccer to create new energy around your existing workout routine.

Join Nanowrimo, or start a blog, to spur on your creative writing. Join Meetup to find other artists, musicians and creators in Bakersfield. Use YouTube and Pinterest to learn about and incorporate more creative ideas.

If you've felt creatively stuck and unmotivated lately, I hope these ideas can nudge you in a more creative direction, as they did me. Creating something doesn't have to mean spending money. It just takes vision, imagination, and a bit of doing.

The opinions expressed in this column are those of Jessica Jones.