Ringly is a wearable that looks like an actual ring, its design sleek and chic. Like the name suggests, Ringly is a ring that alerts you of phone calls and text messages by a subtle blinking light by the stone. You can coordinate which contacts will blink, so that way you’re only alerted when those who really matter are trying to reach you. Ringly also makes bracelets, which are also activity trackers and meditation guides, but because of its design, these features are available through a paired app. You can customize the vibration and light color you want your accessory to alert you.


A major component to the workout is your footwear. For some workouts, particularly outdoors, barefoot might be tempting but not always the safest option. Nakefit Adhesive footpads are like giant stickers, a Band-Aid that goes on the bottom of your foot to protect you from dirt, grime and hot surfaces. You can walk on the beach or hike with ease now while feeling the dirt beneath your toes – and your Nakefit footpad. Nakefit is a good alternative to when you need shower shoes or just want that extra layer of protection. Definitely a great gadget for your next beach getaway.


Sounds are a major component when trying to drift off into REM sleep. Some of us like the quiet lull of white noise machines, others like noisy fans, but sometimes even those tactics don’t work. Kokoon EEG, or electroencephalogram, headphones can probably solve that for you by implementing white noise and noise canceling gradually by using its EEG sensors. It might seem odd wearing headphones to sleep, but these are designed to hug your ear with pillow-like ear cups. The headphones are designed to mold to your head with what Kokoon calls “FlexMould” technology. Kokoon also has an alarm feature so you can drift into being awake come morning time. This seems like the perfect gadget for traveling, blocking out a screaming child on a long flight. Kokoon also has an app pairing so you can see how well you slept by giving you a nightly “sleep score.”

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One of the worst fears of a pet owner is that they go missing and you’re not able to find them. This wearable for your pet is a GPS collar that lets you know if your pup has gone AWOL. The Nuzzle GPS collar, also available for cats, will let you know in one minute where your pet has gone. Nuzzle has an app pairing for your phone and logs your pet’s activity as well, so you can track your daily walks or fetch exercises. Nuzzle was born out of a pet insurance company, which it still provides, so the app also gives access to medical and insurance information if you have a policy with Nuzzle.