Female athlete taking a running work out rest

Tired female runner taking a break. Sporty woman breathing and resting on running training in autumn.

You finally had that breakthrough moment, that moment where enough was enough and you are done feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. You make the first move and sign up for that gym membership, that boot camp, hire that trainer you’ve been wanting to work with. You are focused and determined to lose the weight, to get toned and finally start making progress toward your fitness goals. It’s a slight struggle to get your workouts in, but you are making it work.

Until you wake up and feel like you are not making enough progress and the scale has stopped moving. Now you start to doubt yourself, the work you are putting in and you decide to start looking into other options to get you to your goals and, while doing so, you slowly stop showing up to your sessions and your classes.

Or maybe you took on too much too fast. You decided to go from zero to six — not training at all to training six to seven days a week — which starts out fine but then you start to miss a day or two each week. Now you are beating yourself up for not showing up. Even though you were still working out two to four days a week, which was more than what you had been doing, you still only focus on the days you were missing. Here comes good old self-defeat kicking in.

Or perhaps you had a weekend slip-up, indulging in everything the family barbecue offered, and by Monday you felt too sluggish to get up for your training session, which then turned into the next Monday and the next. Once again, self-defeat starts to kick in and thoughts of “why bother?” replay in your mind.

Or maybe you started a fitness program and, just a few weeks in, decide it’s too hard. So you start to manipulate the program to fit your old habits and beliefs instead of trusting the process that was laid out for you. Now you are only completing 30%–50% of a fitness program and wondering why it’s not working for you.

Regardless of the reason, you quit! You quit right before you start making the real progress. The type of progress that will last you a lifetime and eventually not just transform your body, but your entire being.

This is why you will never reach your goal. You quit before you can build new habits, before you experience the full impact of the process, before you can prove to yourself that just because you fell off track doesn’t mean you’re not strong enough to finish.

It’s time to stop giving up on yourself and your goal too soon. Don’t allow self-doubt, self-defeat or embarrassment of failing stop you. Embrace the failures as lessons to grow from and focus on your successes, no matter how small. Trust the process and go all in for at least 90 days straight. Don’t start over; continue to move forward. 

Alex Garzaro is a lifestyle strategist, weight loss expert for women and transformational speaker. The views expressed are her own.

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