The Cram family

Miranda Cram;her husband, Ryan; and their baby girl Phoenix.

I left San Luis Obispo for Bakersfield.

Yes, you heard correctly.

My husband, Ryan, and I moved to Bakersfield a little over a year and a half ago.

I grew up in San Luis Obispo and lived there my whole life until my husband and I made the decision to move to Bakersfield. My husband is from Bakersfield, so initially that was the main draw for us moving back. The move made me very nervous, as the only thing I knew about Bakersfield was that it got very, very hot during summer.

After we found our first home here, things started looking more real for us. I actually started seeing us building a life here – starting a family here. Walking around our house, I could picture seeing our littles running around!

In mid-July, we welcomed our sweet baby girl Phoenix.

I think one of the main draws for us was how affordable it is to live here. Our money goes so much further here and it shows. We have a three-bedroom home for the same price we were paying in SLO for a tiny studio.

Bakersfield is so different than SLO, but it’s so neat and encouraging seeing Bakersfield stepping its game up, especially in the downtown scene. There are First Fridays, three different farmers markets around town, cute little coffee shops popping up everywhere and, our personal favorite, free yoga every Second Saturday!

Bakersfield is on the rise and it’s very clear. We’ve chosen to start and build our family here and we have zero regrets about leaving SLO.

Recently, back in June, I started a moms group, Mamas of Bako, because I had no idea where to meet new friends. I was shocked how many mamas here are just looking for a connection with other mamas! We had almost 18 mamas (plus babies) at our first meetup. Being a parent is hard and can be very lonely, so my main focus for starting this group was solely for the purpose of connection and community, and it’s turned into meeting amazing new women that I would have never met otherwise.

Community here is popping up, just like the 10-foot sunflowers we grow here!

It’s been so fun finding kid-friendly things around Bakersfield, like Smitten Kids, puppet story time at Dot x Ott or story/craft time at the local libraries! It’s really neat seeing this town striving to become more kid and family friendly!

Our move to Bakersfield has been thoroughly surprising in the most positive way. We are so excited to watch our daughter grow up here and to grow together as parents and a family here. Bakersfield is becoming a breath of fresh air and it’s very clear! 

Miranda Cram is a San Luis Obispo native who now calls Bakersfield home. She and her husband, Ryan, spend most of their time going on walks with their pups and baby girl, Phoenix, at Hart Park. Miranda is a lover of good coffee, thrifting and family time. The views expressed are her own.

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