Steve Holloway

Steve Holloway

Do-it-yourself projects are fun to do and only require a few tools that are easy to obtain. With YouTube offering a wide variety of tutorial videos, tackling a project on your own can be an appealing and cost-effective route.

The key, however, is when to throw in the towel and call in a professional.

As the owner of a local painting business, I will share two stories about DIY painting projects that were not successful.

The first project involved a rented airless paint prayer and the second project involved a 16-foot extension ladder.

So there I was on a Monday morning at my shop loading up my work truck for my next job. The phone rang and on the other end was a friend who had attempted to paint his living room acoustic ceiling over the weekend. He had rented an airless paint sprayer and purchased 5 gallons of white paint on Friday night.

By Sunday afternoon, he was tired, the ceiling looked blotchy and he had overspray all over his house, on his watch and in his hair.

“The guy on the TV commercial made it look easy,” he said.

The fix took five hours.

I painted the ceiling twice. One coat north to south and the second coat east to west. I waited two hours for the paint to dry, removed the plastic from the walls, folded my tarps, wiped down the dust on the furniture, removed the plastic from the floor, vacuumed and left the job successful.

I recommend hiring a pro to paint ceilings and then homeowners can paint the walls with a brush and roller.

The second story was actually scary. I received a call from a friend who was up on a 16-foot extension ladder in the front of his home painting. He reached a little too far and he fell off the ladder when the ladder slipped. He dislocated his shoulder and was in pain for a month. He asked me to finish the job and I was happy to help. I always recommend that you have a second person with you to hold the ladder if you are that high off of the ground.

In closing, always have fun with your project but always plan to stay safe and keep your job site clean. Successful projects are yours in the making.

Steve Holloway is the owner of Steve Holloway Painting. The views expressed in this column are his own.

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