When attending other weddings, Spencer Shoemaker found that good food is one of the most enjoyable parts of the day, regardless of whether it’s “fancy” or not.

So when planning her Oct. 14 wedding with fiance Andrew Lewis, they wanted to make sure that the food served is something everyone would enjoy.

Like the other aspects of planning their big day, selecting a caterer and bakery went without a hitch.

For the cake, the couple went with Sugar Twist Bakery. A fan of the bakery’s doughnuts, it was easy for them to pick their cake as well – an 8-inch champagne cake to cut and a sheet cake to serve.

The single-tier cake will be topped with a topper that says “I love you and I like you” and be adorned with flowers.

After booking Monji Gardens as their venue, the couple noticed a familiar name on the list of preferred caterers – NV Catering.

NV Catering catered the Kern County Burn Survivors Trust’s annual Burn Survivors Family Campout in Kernville and Spencer left impressed with the quality of the food and the level of service.

“They just went above and beyond with their service and the food was amazing,” she said. “We didn’t even look at the other (caterers) because we knew that we loved NV. The food was great and the service is great, so that was an easy choice.”

Spencer and Andrew went for a tasting and selected a menu consisting of tri-tip, chicken Parmesan, pasta, loaded mashed potatoes and a medley of summer vegetables.

“I was the one who wanted to try the chicken Parmesan and (Andrew) was the one who wanted to try the tri-tip,” Spencer said. “It worked out that they were both delicious.”

The selections are in line with the couple’s overall approach to wedding planning in that they wanted to remain true to themselves.

“The overall menu is a lot like them,” said Nathan Vasquez, owner and executive chef of NV Catering. “They’re a very cozy couple, laid-back. They wanted that comfort food; they want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy that meal with them. They felt like it represents them best. I wanted to spruce everything up and wow them and give them that upgraded five-star meal.”

The menu is very personal, and in a way, symbolic, consisting of items Spencer and Andrew like and combining them on a plate – much like the joining of husband and wife in holy matrimony.

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