Feb 2017

Ever since Andrew Lewis proposed to Spencer Shoemaker, his girlfriend of seven years, on the beaches of Cayucos on Dec. 9, 2017, much of their time outside of work and school has been dedicated toward planning their wedding at The Gardens at Monji on Oct. 14.

But when asked if they were excited to get married, which they are, there was another thing they’re just as excited for – normalcy.

They both yearn for the mundane of post-wedding life – living together, cooking together, waking up together – because it means they no longer have to say goodbye at the end of the day and go their separate ways.

“Getting to develop that routine and finalize everything that we’ve known – that we want to be together – and make it actually happen. That’s what I’m excited for,” Spencer said.

It’s a well-deserved ending for the duo who started dating when Andrew was a senior and Spencer was a junior at Frontier High School. They have seen each other in good times and bad. They have reached individual milestones with the other by their side and supported one another when life takes an unexpected turn. It’s a preview into life as husband and wife that gives fills them with optimism.

“We know how to support each other because we’ve done that as a dating couple,” Spencer said. “Now we’ll get to do that as a married couple.”

As a dreamer, Andrew has had thoughts about marrying Spencer enter his mind over the years. It is storybook ending many seek, only it’s Prince Charming who’s swept off his feet. Spencer was Andrew’s first real girlfriend, his first kiss. There was no one else he’s been interested in besides her and in a few weeks, he’ll be able to call him his wife.

“I hit the lottery with my first one,” he said. “We’re opposite in a lot of ways, so I think it’s even further proof that our relationship is God-ordained. He put us together for a reason and I’m very glad he made Spencer for me and me for Spencer.”

For Spencer, the turning point was when she was reading “The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy Keller at the recommendation of a friend. Keller described marriage as a glimpse of a couple’s relationship with the Lord, who loves everyone unconditionally.

“We love each other unconditionally, despite our flaws, despite the times that we let each other down,” she said. “I love this man and I’m going to let him down and he’s going to let me down but we’re going to love each other anyway because that’s the love that we’ve experienced from the Lord.”

On Oct. 14, their journey to the altar will finally be complete. 

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