Isaiah Morfin

Izzy and the Fins is a band that almost never was.

Growing up in a musically sheltered home and getting burnt out in art school, Isaiah Morfin got his groove back when he formed his band in 2015.

But Morfin’s passion for music goes beyond the band’s formation.

Morfin grew up in a what he described as “sheltered home,” having been closed off from certain music until his dad lead him to discover the music that would ultimately define him.

“My dad was kind of the one that was slipping me things (music) underhandedly to try to get me to understand the world from a more broadened perspective,” Morfin said. “I could just tell he was trying to get me to be more open and self-actualized.”

Morfin attended Berklee College of Music where he received his degree in pro music with an emphasis on songwriting and performing.

Although the thought of going to an art school to study music sounds luxurious, Morfin felt it took away the innocent love he felt for music.

“It’s so technical and you grow up with a sense of magic in the music, and then going to art school and they just put everything under a microscope … at the center of every artist is mystery – that’s literally a musician’s greatest gift is mystery,” he said. “As soon as you figure it out then you’re not interested anymore.”

When Morfin returned, he went back to the fundamental reasons he loved playing, and that was playing with all people he loved playing with.

Before forming his band, he spent the first two years back from school playing as a sideman.

Izzy and the Fins previous played together but played for the first time as an official band three years ago. Morfin feels like the band got him back in touch with his roots of being a musician.

“It was just me trying to make some type of connection to myself,” he said. “That is the center of what Izzy and the Fins is. Like me trying to make a connection to myself and to everyone else.”

The band released their first EP last May. “Want You” was mixed at Capitol Records and the band hopes to record a full-length album this year. 

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