Good health is a state some people strive for, but to attain good health sometimes requires a journey that follows a complicated and seemingly endless path. When you’re on that path, one of the most powerful assets can be the people you travel with.

For a person who enjoys sitting down, I never thought about the importance of physical activity until I began feeling sluggish throughout the day and all my clothes started shrinking. I dreamed of getting back on track but the hardest part is choosing when to start. Though if you don’t start now, it’ll never happen. Weighing in at 183 pounds, I knew I needed to make a change but I wasn’t sure how I could break out of the cycle of work and unhealthy food. My journey is a documentation of my path to a healthier and active lifestyle.

Week 1

Start making small changes with the food your eating. Eating healthy may seem hard but I found a way to make it easier on myself when meal prepping. I ate the food I knew and didn’t try to make fancy recipes with ingredients I didn’t know of. It’s also hard to let go of the foods you want to eat, so there’s a constant craving.

Within my first week, I began making small changes, like going on a lunchtime walk. That itself shifted the way I continued my day. Throughout the week with just changing the way I eat and establishing a one healthy activity during the day, I lost 5 pounds within the first week.

Week 2

After building a routine, I began waking up earlier and felt energized. I felt this positive life momentum where I was finally changing my life the way I wanted.

With the help of my trainer Diana Fernandez at Sculpt 365 Fitness, she was able to help me build a foundation of what I needed to do to accomplish my health goals – become physically active and lose weight. One of the hardest things when trying to lose weight is losing weight the right way.

Diana’s goal for me was to focus on my 3 macronutrients – fat, protein and carbohydrates that make up a food’s composition and helps create energy.

“They all play an important role in your diet. It’s important to balance all 3 to get all nutrients so you can attain all the benefits,” said Diana.

Week 3

Because Thanksgiving is about family and food, I was worried about falling off track and binge eat the weight I did lose. Diana said it’s important to not restrict yourself from the foods you enjoy but to portion those “treat meals.”

Week 4

I had the opportunity to mix up my workout by being a part of a group challenge called the “Fitmas Challenge” with other women like myself, determined to make a new change to their lives. I encourage those who are afraid of jumping into a healthy lifestyle to do it with other people wanting the same thing. Knowing I wasn’t alone in my journey made me feel more comfortable going to a gym and performing workouts I’ve never done before.

Week 5

Eating well and exercising will not always result in weight loss by the end of the day. My weight fluctuated often, but it’s important to not feel discouraged by that. My set myself to eat 1,000 calories per day and my goal was to eat 1,200 calories per day. Eating less is not always the answer to weight loss.

“If you’re not exercising enough, you’re not stimulating your muscles. If you’re not working on your nutrition and you’re just exercising, you’re not going to see results. Everything is 50-50,” said Diana.

Everyone wants to lose big pounds in little time, but we have to look at the big picture realistically. When I first started my journey, I wanted to lose 20 pounds but losing that much weight in just little time simply isn’t healthy.

Diana said it was important to make this a lifestyle rather than just a diet.

“I want my clients to get long-term results and keep that up,” she said.

In just 5 weeks that I’ve trained with Diana, I’ve lost a total of 7 pounds. My journey is more than just numbers on a scale, it’s about transformation in all aspects of my life. I wanted more energy, better sleep and to feel more active. Rather you lose weight or not, you’ll see all those unseen benefits.

In the beginning of this, my mental goal was to look good for myself but it became more about taking responsibility for my physical well-being.

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