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Happy Whole You owner Anna Marie Frank sits in a “theta pod,” which is used in different therapies that can enhance memory, help with weight loss, as well as combat anxiety, depression and addiction.

As we move into a new year, our focus is often on meeting physical goals – losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more – but mental health is equally important to establishing and maintaining wellness.

Achieving the health of the whole body is the passion of Anna Marie Frank, life coach and owner of Happy Whole You, a human upgrade wellness center that offers a variety of therapies to help increase brain function and decrease inflammation in the body.

“I’ve been working in wellness for 18 years, and (it) just kind of evolved into this – you can exercise all you want, eat super healthy, but if your brain isn’t functioning as it should (it will affect the whole body.)”

Utilizing the methods of well-known psychiatrist Dr. Amen, Frank approaches healing the body from a molecular standpoint.

“When our bodies are deficient in certain amino acids it can affect us adversely,” said Frank, who considers herself a biohacker. The objective of the therapies she offers is to get the body to work more efficiently using the least invasive means possible.

One way she achieves this is through theta therapy. Theta is the state your mind is in right before you fall asleep or just as you’re waking up. This is also when your brain is most open to suggestion. By using a “theta pod” to induce this state, different therapies can then be utilized to enhance memory, help with weight loss, as well as combat anxiety, depression and addiction. This approach focuses on creating new neural networks, or retraining the brain to function differently, by using audio and light therapies.

“This process lights your brain up like a Christmas tree,” said Frank. “Once your conscious brain gives up, your body goes into this deep relaxation state and your brain goes into a relaxed, meditative state.”

Another approach to whole body health is using the AO scanner to scan over 120,000 different frequencies and look at blood levels, amino acids, hormones and see if there’s any calcification on the spine, according to Frank. They can also check connective tissue and nerves. If they’re off, the machine can help recalibrate them.

“The technology we use is part of how they test astronauts in outer space,” said Frank.

Once they get a clear picture of these levels, they can introduce the correct frequencies into the body to help recalibrate it.

“Everything has a frequency (that) carries information,” said Frank. “Since technology is so fast now, we can do this so quickly. It takes about 90 minutes to go through the scan.”

Frank does a comprehensive sit-down with clients, asking questions about what they’re eating, how they’re sleeping and then uses the results to customize a program specific to each individual’s needs. Her ultimate goal is to get the body to homeostasis, then maintain that.

“People try to find that one thing that’s throwing them off kilter, but it’s usually multiple small things,” said Frank. “It’s not a quick fix; (people need to) give themselves the grace to work on it over a few months.”

She recently published a book about her own journey. “Stop Bullying Yourself” examines the way our thinking patterns affect our overall health and offers practical approaches to combat your “inner bully” and the negative messages that keep you from realizing your full potential.

“I’ve always had a strong passion to help people be healthy and whole,” said Frank. “As technology evolved, I was able to help people get better in a shorter amount of time.

How can I not share that with my community? I believe this is the future to help people.”

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