Moving season is right around the corner, and for many people, moving is an experience you only want to do once! However, many helpful tips can make your move a lot more enjoyable. The most important tip is to create a checklist and have a folder on hand. The checklist is to make sure you do not forget any of the many tasks you will need to complete, and the folder is to keep all your contracts, receipts and any documentation regarding your move.

The next step is to throw away or donate anything you no longer need in your home. Most people live in their homes for more than seven years. Decluttering ensures you do not end up with a pile of trash or unused items at your new home.

Utilities are a must! It is best to start these tasks weeks before your move date. You do not want to wait three weeks to have your gas turned on after you have already moved into your new home; it does happen. This is also the time to order movers or a moving truck. The more you prep in advance, the smoother and more satisfying your moving week will be.

Now, it is time to start packing up your house. Call your friends and family members who owe you a favor or want to help. The more help you get, the less stressful moving will be. You also want to have cold drinks, breaks, and food for everyone on hand. Once you are ready to go, start with the boxes and then break down the furniture. Ensure every box is labeled; the more information you write on your boxes, the more organized you will be when you get to your new home. You will want to inspect each container for damage and make sure they are well taped.

The move is on! When packing the boxes in the vehicle or trailer, put the heaviest boxes down first to protect any boxes filled with fragile items. Once you arrive at your new home, begin with the furniture before unloading the boxes. Putting together a bed in a room full of boxes can be frustrating, so make sure you have plenty of room to work. You also want to take your time while setting up your new home. It is much easier to organize your house initially rather than move things around later.

Lastly, remember to smile and enjoy the moment. Even though moving itself is not the most incredible experience, buying a new home is. After all, homeownership is the American Dream!

Scott Knoeb is a past Chair of the California Association of Realtors Expo Committee and the Kern County Heritage Commission. He serves as Director for the Bakersfield Association of Realtors Charitable Foundation. He has also served as Chair of Strategic Planning and Finance, Chair of the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House, and Chair for the Kern County Heritage Commission.

Following in the footsteps of his father, David Knoeb, Scott is part-owner and Realtor for the family’s business, Frontier Real Estate Services, Inc.