Something I've seen become a popular trend since people started working from home is plant decor. There's something about houseplants that offer a nurturing and peaceful vibe to your surroundings. If you're ready to refreshen up your space, it's time to bring in some houseplants to make your rooms feel more cozy and welcoming. 

Before you style your plants, consider the maintenance your plant requires — space, food and care. Then consider the fashion of the plant — leaf shapes and color of the pot reflecting the design of your space. 



Bring some greenery into your kitchen area with plants like aloe vera and herbs, which thrive near a sunny window. Other plants that flourish near a window and a kitchen counter are pothos, Chinese evergreens, aspidistras, spider plants and African spear plants, which are able to withstand low lit areas. 

living room.png

Living room 

Strelitzia nicolai, or giant birds of paradise, add a glow to your space, especially because it's large — a plant like this requires bright light. Monstera adansonii plants are another perfect addition to the living room space, though they grow in bright indirect light, but they can adapt to low light conditions. Pilea, or the coin plant, has beautiful rounded leaves that add a splash of color to your shelves, accent tables and requires medium-bright indirect light. Fiddle-leaf fig plants are also a sophisticated accessory to add into the living room but it requires bright, filtered light to grow and look their best. 



Dress up your bathroom space with a stagehorn fern or an air plant, which thrive in humidity and can be taken care of in low lit environments. For these plants, it's important to protect them from harsh rays of the direct sun and provide a bright, indirect light. Hang them up in your shower or on your wall. 



Snake plants, pothos, dracaenas and bromeliads don't need too much water or sunlight, which makes them three ideal plants to store in the corner and still add a pop of color to the room.