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Delight the kids and grandkids this season with some ghostly fun decorations. A quick trip to your local craft store can provide everything you need to turn your house into something spooktacular.

Pumpkin Topiary (1)

Use artificial pumpkins in small, medium and large sizes. Paint them however you want and then stack them together using wooden dowels. Hot glue some fall garland in between layers and place in an urn or vase.

Pumpkin Table Arrangement (2)

Take the candles away for this one. Paint artificial pumpkins and place them on some large candleholders. Add some garland, ravens, bats or any ghostly delight to your arrangement for a fun table centerpiece.

Halloween Tree (3)

This project can go big or small depending on what dead tree branches you can find. Spray paint branches black and place in an appropriately sized pot. Decorate with homemade or purchased Halloween ornaments.

Candy Jars and Bowls (4)

Use glass jars to hold layers of candy.

Make labels out of construction paper for smaller glass containers. Give them spooky names like “witches brew,” “worms wort” or “dried bat wings.” Get creative with the names.

For your candy bowl, place a white sheet over a large bucket sitting on a small table. Then use a bowl that fits into the bucket to hold the candy. Cut out some black patches for eyes and mouth and attach. Let the trick-or-treating begin!

Spooky Halloween Snowflakes (5)

Bats, pumpkins and skulls, oh my! There are many patterns to find online. Make individual ones to hang with string from the ceiling or string them together to make fun garlands to hang on your fireplace, entry ways or windows. 

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