Heather Frank

Heather Frank

36, director of development for Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County and director of project management & events with Studio 4Forty

As the director of project management & events for Studio 4Forty, Heather Frank has flown to a hundred cities across the country, working with over 300 different nonprofits and raising $30 million.

But her favorite flight is always home.

Moving to Bakersfield in 1999 was a shock to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, native who’d never driven on a freeway before. The city opened her eyes to what a diverse community looks and feels like.

“I loved it from the moment I got down here,” Frank said. “I realized I was meant to not be a small-town girl, but kind of have some wings and fly a little bit.”

Frank was introduced to the nonprofit world through Studio 4Forty, where she helped bring Wine, Women & Shoes to Kern County. She also helped bring Farm to Tableaux to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County. As the director of development for the Boys & Girls Club, she’s working to get the organization “back on the platform it deserves in Kern County.”

“Kids are near and dear to my heart,” said Frank, who thought she wanted to be a teacher at one point in her life. “I love our teachers and I admire them so much for the work they do, but I found a way to support them in a way that works for me – that’s to go out there and give every child the resources to be successful.”

With two kids of her own, 6-year-old Gavin and 8-year-old Greysen, Frank is showing them through action, not words, what it takes to be driven, passionate, hardworking and how to give others opportunity.

“My 6-year-old came with a Mother’s Day gift last year and on it said, ‘I love my mom because she helps other people who need help,’ and I thought that shows you he is learning by watching,” she said.

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