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Ally Soper is the chief communications officer for the Kern County Administrative Office. 

While it’s bittersweet the holidays are over, there’s magic in the air at the onset of a new year. The opportunity of a fresh start is both exciting and sometimes intimidating with the pressure to make large changes all at once. In recognition of this, Kern County departments are tackling January’s resolutions with approachable tips to support residents’ evolution both inside and out.

Beginning this month, Kern County Public Health Services Department is launching its #KnowYourNumbers campaign at the Riverview Community Center in Oildale and Delano Branch Library. This seven-week program offers free health screenings and fitness and nutrition classes to residents, bringing wellness resources directly to Kern County communities.

The #KnowYourNumbers program was launched in 2018 with a goal of not just educating people about their health but providing tangible resources to residents striving to make lifestyle changes. This program takes a proactive and preventive approach in combating chronic disease and obesity in Kern County, supporting community members across all areas of our region.

For more information about the #KnowYourNumbers campaign and ways to get involved, please visit Public Health’s website at

The Kern County Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services is also working to ensure residents’ mental health is a priority in the new year. From outreach events to active social media platforms, BHRS is raising awareness about the importance of mindfulness not just in January, but year-round.

Right now, BHRS operates three hotlines staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for residents experiencing trauma. Community members can call the crisis hotline at 800-991-5272, suicide prevention hotline at 800-273-8255, and substance use division access line at 866-266-4898 whenever help is needed, free of charge.

As this month starts to unfold, remember, you are not alone in tackling your goals. Multiple Kern County departments take pride in serving residents by providing health and wellness support. Don’t be afraid to access these fantastic programs dedicated to helping you feel your best.

Ally Soper is the county of Kern's chief communications officer. The opinions expressed here are her own.